Monday, February 3, 2014

DAP Teresa Kok says Melayu mati or "Malai si! thousand times why IGP have not arrested DAP Teresa Kok

DAP Teresa Kok says Melayu mati or "Malai si! thousand times why IGP have not arrested DAP Teresa Kok

The police will be thorough in their investigation of a statement by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in a video clip that is alleged to be defamatory, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.
 Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in DIFFERANT POSITION

Cry hard but don’t cry again for the same reason

Cry as hard as you want to, but when you stop, make sure you never cry for the same reason again. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. It’s all about falling into the same pattern again and again and again. It’s said madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It’s just so hard to recognise our patterns, mostly because we do not wish to see them. Because acknowledging negative patterns means having to accept that we are flawed, our choices are flawed, and things need to change, and change, is never easy. But it is desirable, especially when you know that the biggest beneficiary is none other than you. We humans tend to either wallow in subservience or love the concept of ‘martyrdom’ and to feel that we are so noble that we have put others’ feelings and routines and needs ahead of our own. But in doing so, you are merely fuelling your own ego and sense of superiority with a ‘see, I’m so nice and giving and caring and selfless’. I can’t emphasise enough how much the self matters. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about being this amazing soul God put on this planet. Yes, go out and help others, take care of them, but not continually at the cost of yourself, your health or your dignity. That’s a negative pattern, and you need to break out of it, because you were born to live and laugh to your fullest potential, not just fuel and serve the potential of others.

Can Malaysians take a joke? Can Malaysians take satire or parodies?
Well, it would seem that there is a segment of society that takes offence at jokes, satires or parodies - and these people are usually your generic Umno member.
This past few days, Malaysians have been treated to the spectacle of some Umno members, including Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, taking offence at Seputeh MP Teresa Kok's Lunar New Year greeting video clip.
The police will be thorough in their investigation of a statement by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in a video clip that is alleged to be defamatory, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

he buffaloes' great escape
In the midst of the hullabaloo over the   Melayu  mati or "Malai si!  this correspondent managed to get a scoop — an exclusive interview with one of the missing buffalos.
Our guest, who wishes to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, gave a freewheeling interview while chewing cud and producing copious amounts of dung.
Correpondent: So, er Ms Buffalo….
Buffalo: Oh, you can call me Rosmah. *wink*
C: Er, okay, Ms Rosnah, why did you leave Sharizat ’s cattle condo?
B:  It’s a free country. Why can’t I leave?
C: You’re a buffalo. It’s not a free country for you yet.
B: *Snorts in disgust* That is so racist! Tell me something. Aren’t cattle worshipped in this country? Isn’t the area I live in called a cattle belt? Why this discrimination? In fact, not just , I DAP Teresa Kok  fear if I ever go to SEPUTEH they’ll treat me like they treat people from China.
C: Holy shit! Calm down Rosmah Ji.
B: That’s Holy Dung to you mister.
C: Fine, holy dung then. Also, can you stop chewing when you talk to me? Where did you get chewing gum anyway?
B: It’s not chewing gum. It’s the half digested contents of my stomach. You want a bite?
C: Eww! No thanks. Anyway, coming back to the first question, why did you really leave?
B: Milk. the people
C: Huh! You want milk? I don’t have any. Can I get you a diet cola instead?
B: No silly. Milk was the reason I left. This Najibji fellow wanted way too much milk. Apparently he likes his Bournvita every day. And then there is the udder side of the story.
C: Which was?
B: I heard Lims ji was on a tea making campaign and I thought I’ll donate some milk for the mulk. I included my six fellow bovines in this quest because we share a lot of cowmaraderie.  
C: Did you hear the state’s top policemen are out looking for you?
B: Yes, I did read that in a newspaper before I ate it. You should flavor your newsprint with grass you know. Coming back to your question, obviously a minister’s buffaloes are very important. Do you actually think cops will be more preoccupied with silly things like communal riots or rising crime? Poppycock! This is India. Bovine equals divine.
C: There were some people on Twitter who suggested you buffaloes had eloped.
B: Nonsense. I hate Twitter. I joined up once but people started comparing me to a certain politician and began trolling me. So I quit. Actually, I did hear a rumour of one my buffalo sisters having an Oxtramarital affair, but that was just Bull. So no, we did not elope. One of my aunts eloped once. We call her an antelope but she really is a black sheep of the family.
C: Tell us more about yourself. How do you spend your time? What are your hobbies?
B: Oh I love exotic food, like grass. I have a special liking for the grass on the other side. It has a better colour. I also tried shopping for grass online but they don’t do cash-on delivery in my area.  I also love watching comedies. I recently saw this young fellow’s interview on TV. He kept going on about women empowerment and RTI. That was quite entertaining. I do wish he had spoken a little about buffalo empowerment too. We cattle can be quite powerful you know. Didn’t you read about the flatulent German cows who set fire to a barn? That was a big Miss Steak.
C: What are your views on DAP Teresa Kok ?
B: Oh I have no beef with her. she just a lady who likes tea she tries to be as funny as Guan Eng fellow but fails miserably. I don’t know why he doesn’t like pups though.
B: I think he should have lots of ginger tea. That cough is bad. I am willing to provide the milk. His protests are very productive. I believe the last one sparked off a million ‘Dharna mana hai’ jokes online. Also, I hope he start a helpline for buffaloes too. I’ll tell him how if he files an RTI.
C: So what are your plans for now?
B: I plan to meet  I feel like eating out and someone told me he’s a fodder figure.
C: Lastly, what do you think about your actions that has the entire Amal PAS in a tizzy?

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