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Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari says Racist Rant DAP's Lim Guan Eng why UMNO? Straight Talk, Walk the Talk and win our trust?

Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari says  Slander attacks against UMNO typical of DAP  some irresponsible statements without any supporting evidence dragging UMNO along with that of Najib in an unnecessary controversy,  UMNO had rubbished the charge. Today, to further pursue the allegations which DAP has manufactured, the racialist UMNO IS convinced that DAP is a party of pathological liars. They create a falsehood and then convince themselves of its truthJoharir adds the video was also ‘nauseating and disgusting’. DAP Teresa Kok says Melayu mati or “Malai si ya ! thousand times why IGP have not arrested DAP Teresa Kok.
Teresa Kok’ needs to unite, not divide Malaysian Need to change the way DAP treat  Malays Cry hard but don’t cry again for the same reason
Lim Guan Eng ask how MCA can  fight UMNO to defend Malaysian rights?
Come elections and  DAP’s existential dilemma gets more pronounced. The party, founded on t the mind of the One a element’ Chinese chauvinist  ideology, has failed to come to terms with the changing political narrative in recent years. Even veteran leaders like   Karpal Singh were not spared when they tried to do what was seen as course correction.  The run-up to 2018 elections looks no different. Since his ascendency after an intense succession battle,  Lim Guan Eng  seems to be finding it difficult to choose between the devils and angles , despite all talk about his  Penang state’s ‘development model’. His  master’s voice, couldn’t resist the racist grandfather ’ temptation  sending signals that may not augur well for the DAP- electorally speaking.accusing opposition leader Datuk Jahara Hamid of being a “racist grandmother” when she alleged there was selective prosecution of Malay hawkers in the state.
In debating the 2014 Budget, Jahara had questioned why no action was taken against Chinese hawkers who operated illegally at Pantai Bersih in Butterworth while action was always taken against Malay hawkers by the Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP).
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (pic) has come to Teresa Kok’s defence over her Chinese New Year video, describing the slanderous accusations against her as another attack by Umno, which was similar to the molestation allegations made against his son three years ago.He said this was a ploy by Umno to play up issues of racism and religious extremism in order to avoid explaining the price hikes that affect all Malaysians.”Umno does not want to answer on the price hikes so it plays up issues on race. It has gone overboard”She (Kok) has already made it clear that she never mentioned the Lahad Datu incident or anybody’s name. Those who do not understand Mandarin or the Chinese language will make up all sorts of stories.”The DAP will back Kok in facing these attacks from Umno,” he told reporters today.Kok, who is DAP national vice-chairperson and Seputeh MP, has come under fire for her “Onederful Malaysia CNY 2014″ video that was meant to be humorous and directed at those who spoke Mandarin and Cantonese.In the clip that was uploaded on YouTube last week, Kok posed as a programme host with three panellists offering feng shui tips for the Year of the Horse. The parody touched on various political scenarios and issues like the price hikes.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, while mocking the Lahad Datu incident and even insulting the Malays.Umno has even called for a sedition investigation to be initiated against her.
Kok clarified yesterday that the video only mentioned the kidnapping of a Taiwanese tourist and the killing of her husband by gunmen on Pom-Pom Island in Sabah in November last year, but did not touch on the Lahad Datu intrusion.She also denied that the video insulted the Malays, the security forces, Najib and Rosmah.Lim also cited the slanderous allegations hurled at his son in 2011 when the then 15-year-old boy was accused of molesting a female classmate
Does Malays have no future? If you were to listen to Lim Guan Eng  election rhetoric, that’s not honest takeaway. There’s so much chest thumping about how DAP, how we had the most amazing leaders, the finest  Chinese culture, the best  Chinese schools of learning, the most exciting Chinese politics. It’s all about  Destroying of  Malay rights?
If MCA dare not object when they are humiliated in their own building and openly in front of their member. Lim Guan Eng ask how MCA can  fight UMNO to defend Malaysian rights? No wonder, in such a complex world, where your friend could well be owned by your enemy, young Chinese want a leader who can take Malays  whereMalays is today. They think DAP is that party. they have a track record of inspiring change. Unlike MCA which has always enshrined the status quo. And young  Chinese believe, it’s the status quo that hurts Chinese most.
MCA suffered the ultimate political humiliation, not from the general election losses and rejection by the rakyat, but from their long time friend in UMNO when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told the MCA General Assembly yesterday,”You have the members, you have the people, but it’s like the flesh is there but the spirit is weak. We need some political Viagra… We ask the MIC Health minister to provide the Viagra medication”But does it? Just shift focus a bit from economics to politics; you will be surprised. There’s no way Chinese politics could have ever thrown up the kind of results No, our economy’s not growing at 10%. Yes, we have much too much corruption everywhere. But Malaysia has no political system that allows us to correct our own mistakes. Isn’t that amazing?s voting power to chuck out those who fail us and find the change that can redefine our public life, renew our hope in  Malaysia? It will make up for all the lost years
.The allegations first surfaced on pro-Umno blogs and were picked up by the media in October that year. Umno blogs also reportedly used a photo of an international chess player and alleged that she was the molest victim.
Lim said no action has been taken until today against those responsible for making the allegations.
He said Umno has a tendency to treat both DAP and the Penang government as easy to bully, citing the recent complaint by an Islamic non-governmental organisation against the open selling of pork.
“We will not play this game with them,” Lim said.READMORE Racist Rant DAP’s Lim Guan Eng why UMNO? Straight Talk, Walk the Talk and win our trust?

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