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Let Abdul Hadi do the flirting, seduce Mahathir with Islamic PM post

 Since ages, we have been witness to an incessant face off between faith and logic. European enlightenment exposed certain flaws in blind faith and ushered in an era of rationality, and logic became the dominant paradigm.

Detractors of PAS' proposed amendments to Act 355 do not fear the law itself, but the unity of Muslims who back it and the "victory" of Islam that would ensue, said Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Aziz.with it the future of the ‘Pivot to PAS’ policy  Najib and  UMNO had instituted has Malaysia been pushed into uncertainty.PAS youth chief said : "They do not fear the amendments to the act per se. It is negligible and does not affect them. Their lives will go on as usual.

Najib’s historic Malaysians asks a question that repeatedly withers on the dry sand of evasive clich├ęs. How long will the apartheid of two laws for the same crime continue?Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of modernity, and the bitter, toxic romance of regression was written by Najib and Hadi

Neither goes into a brown study to ponder the causes of political terrorism, a manipulative phrase designed specifically to provide cover for perpetrators of political terrorism  Neither the Chinese nor Hindus public opinion would accept such a pussyfoot leadership.This war, raging across the world, is a confrontation between the lethal adrenalin of faith supremacy and belief that faith equality is the basis of civilised political and social stability. The epicentre of this war is within the Muslim successor states of the Mughal and Ottoman empires; but its destructive reach extends far beyond its immediate habitat.Corruption is the mechanism through which a section of our elite has poisoned the credibility of our nation’s political and economic edifice. Governments have been either complicit or helpless as high end individuals, buoyed by the arrogance of unaccounted wealth, began to believe that they were above the law or beyond the reach of coercive instruments.Nothing illustrates the complacency of this class more than the manner in which it ignored  we underestimate the power of those vested interests which have been challenged. Their ability to shape public opinion by compounding some inevitable pain in process through exaggeration and fear was on full display. But they underestimated one fact  that voters to assault this pervasive monsters with sustainable commitment. that Malaysians  are not willing to accept passing discomfort as the collateral price of the struggle against the rampant PAS fanaticism. This is why such a massive change to take place without violence. 

Almost 70pct of our population are Muslim. Over 90pct of ministers and CMs are Muslim  so you already have the powerPAS has turned Islam into a religion of fear and intimidation. There is no difference between the ideologies of Islamic terrorists like Taliban, Abu Sayyaf and Isis, and that of PAS Act 355 is an attempt to intimidate and mislead gullible Muslims into supporting PAS and Umno, who would otherwise be accused of apostasy. Act 355 is nothing more than an instrument to impose severe punishment on wrongdoers.A true religion seeks to be merciful and forgiving towards sinners, to give them hope, rather than to punish. It was once said by a great man, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at the sinner.”

It's a bad idea to get elected on a racial basis. It's just as bad to get elected on religious basis.What Hadi is in effect saying is that Malaysia must be an Islamic state notwithstanding the ideology of our Founding Fathers nor the fact that the economy of the nation is dependent to a large extent on the efforts of non-Muslims.PAS that Umno has been responsible for our racial and religious intolerance, the use of race and religion as political tools, the destruction of the rule of law and ethical conduct, promoting a culture where corruption and greed are acceptable values, failure to hold people to account for their crimes, a preferential and entitlement mentality, destruction of our education system, the breeding of utterly incompetent politicians,

PAS also seems to be totally blinded to the contributions of the East Malaysians where a significant percentage of the people are non-Muslims. Does Hadi want to turn Malaysia into a Syria, Iraq, Iran or Yemen?God does not need you or tiny mortals to fight for him or defend him because he is the supreme, all-powerful, infinite soul who fills out the infinite universe and you are just a speck of dust consisting of a tiny finite soul that fills out a tiny finite body.

Both culminates into discrimination against other religions and other races, makes the majority of people in this country less tolerant, making Malaysia less welcoming, and makes us less prominent in the world.
Hadi, now you admit that gerrymandering is rampant. Why then did you prohibit your members from participating in Bersih 5 which demanded for free and fair elections?

Umno and PAS are both dinosaurs in an age where Internet technology is revolutionising the way we solve global problems, transact and interact with one another.

Often, people make a mistake and then add to it by making yet another mistake: by trying to justify their mistake. But what they should actually do on making a mistake is reflect on and seek to discover why they made that mistake in the first place.
If you don’t do that and, instead, you seek to justify your mistake after committing it, you remain just where you were before. On the other hand, if you seek to find out why you made that mistake, you will save yourself from repeating it.This is a natural fact. It is reflected in a hadith, narrated from Anasibn Malik, according to which the Prophet said, “Every person commits sin, and the best of those who commit sin are those who repent.” (IbnMajah, hadith no. 4251) The fact is that no human being possesses total knowledge. Because of this, people often adopt wrong views and opinions.
There are often errors in their plans. The virtue of human beings is not that they are immune from making mistakes. Rather, their virtue lies in their being willing to acknowledge their mistakes and to bring their actions into conformity with reality.
Aperson who does not acknowledge his mistakes has to pay the price of continuing to remain stuck in his wrong approach. Accordingly, he deprives himself of confidence, because he chooses to remain in that groove even though he recognises that it is wrong.
Moreover, his actions cannot produce meaningful results, and his plans will fail to produce the results that he seeks.

Turning Penang into FT is an activity designed to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by unconstitutional means is an offence under the Section 124B of the Penal Code.

According to Tengku Adnan, turning Penang into a federal territory can help make home ownership affordable. If the Federal Territories under his watch is anything to go by, Kuala Lumpur has more soup kitchens and vagrants than most states in Malaysia, including Penan

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South or North Korean spies who spooked Malaysia at KLIA2

 Who will blink first?

 Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  draws flak over 'sexy beauty' assassin 
Malaysian authorities have detained a woman in connection with the investigation. The woman, in her 20s, was detained in the low-cost terminal of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, The women are thought to be agents of a foreign country, he said, refusing to speculate if they were hired by Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, who is suspected of ordering the murder.
You don’t have to be beautiful to be Mata Hari; you merely have to be available.agent who made spying synonymous with sexual frisson, was actually a bit of a podge who couldn’t get a job in a vaudeville chorus line because she wasn’t “cute” when she became the terminater Lim Kit Siang wants Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to explain the security lax at KLIA 2 following the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
In a media statement, the DAP veteran said that reasons must be provided as to how the airport could become a “playground for foreign agents.”One female suspect seen on CCTV was found wandering in the airport," police said. She had apparently been "left behind" by the other assailants. The suspects  are North or Korean, police sources said
 But the principle of a spy’s mentality holds. Since there is  never sufficient justification for the betrayal of a country, and the greed (whether for money or sex) involved must be rationalized by layers of self-deceit, the spy converts a complex, tortured fiction into his or her version of that malleable commodity called truth.

File photo of the information desk at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, where Kim Jong-Nam was attacked by two women
Lim Kit Siang wants Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to explain the security lax at KLIA 2 following the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
In a media statement, the DAP veteran said that reasons must be provided as to how the airport could become a “playground for foreign agents.” Ahmad Zahid Hamidi expertise in the seductive arts.more vulnerable to the inflammable concoction of ego and libido. cocoon world of an embassy   could only have heated her fantasies to an unbearable conflagration. You can see that she had lost any mooring with reality in the taunt after her arrest — “What took you guys so long to get it?”  It would not even occur to her that institutions are reluctant to condemn their own, particularly when the final responsibility with those who decided to send her to 

she had an extraordinary talent, the ability to trump the real with the surreal. She reinvented herself as an expert in the secret and mysterious arts of “Indian” erotica (hence the name ‘Mata Hari’), learnt  during her interlude in Java, and became a sensation. She was not much of a spy actually; she did more spending than spying. there is an obvious problem in the analogy with Mata Hari. 

One pithy observer thought she was as attractive with clothes as without them, which may or may not have been a compliment. She was driven to be  by despair: 
Image result for the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-unpicture of assassin  at KLIA
It is not, presumably, compulsory, but it is clearly useful for a potential spy to have a split personality. The pain of the tragedy, or failure, is subsumed by the surreal. But a fevered imagination also weakens or even erases the constraints of duty and morality that bind real life.

It was about 8.20am on Monday and there was a bustle of passengers in the departure hall of KL International Airport's budget terminal when the two women moved in on Kim Jong-nam, estranged half-brother of North Korea's leader.

A few steps away from a Starbucks cafe and a Puffy Buffy Malaysian food stall, one of the women stood in front of their quarry to distract him. Her accomplice approached from behind, pulled a cloth drenched in some chemical from a blue handbag, reached around his head and clamped it onto his face.

That was enough to deliver a deadly poison to the portly 46-year-old relative of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, according to a senior Malaysian government source and Malaysian police official Fadzil Ahmat, who both spoke to Reuters.

After the attack, Kim Jong-nam approached a help desk and explained that someone seemed to have grabbed or held his face and now he felt dizzy. He was taken to the Menara Medical Clinic, a small glass-fronted surgery one floor down near the arrivals area.

"He still felt unwell there, so they decided to send him to the hospital, and he died in the ambulance on the way to Putrajaya Hospital," said Ahmat.

Media reports said the two women fled the airport in taxis.

The government source declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the case.

Malaysian officials have publicly released little about the killing. Indeed, it was 36 hours after the murder before they acknowledged it had happened, and then only after the news was broken by South Korean media.

Malaysian police said on Wednesday they had arrested a woman with a Vietnamese travel document as she was trying to take a flight from the same terminal. According to local media, this was the same woman whose image was captured in a grainy airport CCTV image wearing a white shirt with the acronym 'LOL' on it.

A second woman, who was holding an Indonesian passport, was also identified from CCTV footage and detained on Thursday.

Vietnam has said it is investigating. Indonesia has confirmed the second arrested woman was an Indonesian national and is seeking consular access to her.

A third suspect, apparently a boyfriend of one of the women, has also been taken into custody, Malaysian police said.

"It's like a mystery novel," said a foreign diplomat in Kuala Lumpur who is closely following developments, which have included comments by South Korean officials that Pyongyang agents were behind the killing, and now the arrest of two women carrying passports from South-East Asian countries.

Many key details about the brazen attack on Kim Jong-nam are still unclear, particularly information about the two arrested women and whose orders, if any, they were following.

North Korea has made no public comment on the killing, and calls, an email and a fax message to its embassy in Malaysia were unanswered. A source in Beijing with ties to the North Korean and Chinese governments told Reuters that Pyongyang was not involved and had no motive for killing Kim Jong-nam.

The Malaysian police and the government source's accounts of what happened in the departure hall contradicted early media reports that Kim Jong-nam had been poisoned by injection with a needle.

An autopsy began on Wednesday and is still ongoing, a senior police officer said.

When asked if he could confirm that a woman with the Vietnamese documents was the one seen wearing the 'LOL' T-shirt, state police chief Abdul Samah Mat said: "We are investigating to confirm that."

Local media identified her as the main attacker.

Manhunt for four accomplices

The sources said Kim Jong-nam - travelling under the name of Kim Chol - had flown on Feb 6 from Macau to the Malaysian capital, which he visited often because he had friends there. He was booked on a return flight with the low-cost airline AirAsia on Monday, the day he died.

Police are looking for four foreign men they believe worked with the two women, the government source said.

The entire team involved in the attack landed in Malaysia - although it was not clear where from - some days before the attack, checked into a hotel near the airport and monitored their target's movements, the government source said.

Two employees of the help desk Kim Jong-nam approached declined to discuss the incident when asked by Reuters reporters, several people working at the Starbucks cafe said they had seen nothing unusual that morning, and the medical centre's receptionist said she could not confirm that he had been brought into the clinic.

The government source said the woman whose documents showed the Vietnamese name of Doan Thi Huong told police that the group split up after the incident and had not seen each other since.

The woman said she hadn't been aware that she was killing someone, but the source said police doubt that and believe it was a well-planned operation.
CIA intelligence about Putin’s interference in elections is considered dubious by many commentators. Masha Gessen, a critic of both Putin and Trump, writing in the New York Review Daily (’Russia, Trump & Flawed Intelligence’, pointed out that the US intelligence report on the role Russia and Putin had allegedly played was hardly convincing as no proof had been given.

Donald Trump, owner of Trump Organization, is now the president of the United States. In his journey to the White House, Trump tore the playbook of those have been used to wielding real power in the US — the kingmakers and dynasts from Wall Street, the East and West Coast notables. The campaign was ugly and divisive, of a kind never seen in the US. Then the disgruntled elite turned against Trump even after the results were announced. Clearly a case of bad losers.

No, no, I don’t mean not doing good that way. That way I’m fine. I meant I’m not doing good because of all these darned critics and what they’re saying about me. First that Hollywood dame, Meryl Creep, or whatever, says those nasty things about me, then all these women go on protest marches against me saying I’m racist and sexist. Heck, I don’t even know what those words mean, so how can I be them.

There were campaign letters in August 2016 opposing Trump by about 50 former intelligence officers, including a former head of the National Security Agency (NSA) andthe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a former Director of National Intelligence (DNI), two former Homeland Security secretaries. Later in October, 55 retired general officers of the military signed a statement describing Trump as being “utterly unworthy of being commander-in-chief and president”.
And there were the bizarre stories about Trump in Moscow and his ‘bromance’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Earlier this month, outgoing CIA chief John Brennan warned on public television that Russia had interfered in US elections, continued to undermine democracy in many countries, was engaged in manipulating elections in Europe and that this was not acceptable.

To Russia Without Love
The report alleged that Putin was seeking revenge against Hillary Clinton for her role in inspiring a popular unrest against him in 2011-12. The 25-page report had three key judgments where the agencies assessed that the Russian president had ordered an influence campaign aimed at the US presidential election.
That this campaign followed a Russian messaging strategy that blended covert intelligence operations (including cyber) with overt efforts by Russian agencies, state-funded media, third-party intermediaries and paid social media users. And third, the agencies assessed that Moscow would apply lessons learnt worldwide especially against America’s allies.
Last December, President Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats on unproven charges of hacking by Moscow. This evoked no reaction from Putin but came at the end of a year when relations with Russia had begun to freeze rapidly. Earlier in October, Obama used his red email hotline with Putin alleging that if hacking in an election year did not stop, there would be reprisals. Paradoxically, the hotline was meant to prevent wars, not to threaten them.
Accusations against Putin may or may not be true. It is not unusual for major powers to intervene in such situations. US intelligence had publicly warned about ‘evil Russian designs’, but they were unable to preempt or prevent this. The hacking is believed to have ended on November 8.
Beginning early last year, there were several commentaries about how Putin was reviving the KGB. Although the KGB had been wound up, Putin, himself an old KGB hand, preferred its style of functioning and was reviving old agencies or creating new ones. The implication was that Putin was reverting to Cold War tactics against the US. Russian intelligence operations against Americans by the internal service FSB (Federal Security Service) had also reportedly increased in the last three years.
Other Reasons for Hate
The US wishes to be seen as being threatened by the Russians for a number of other reasons. It was knocked out of much relevance in Afghanistan when Russia, China and Pakistan met in December last year without the US to discuss the country’s future. The Russians have similarly outsmarted the US in Syria when their military defeated US-backed proxies in Aleppo. It would now seem that the US is going to be out of reckoning in most of West and Central Asia. This turf increasingly belongs to China and Russia. Hence the bogey of Russia, something probably more manageable than China.
Besides, the Deep State of America — the US military-industrial-technology-intelligence complex — has to retain relevance and profits. New weapons are being paraded, such as the the next secret weapon, electromagnetic pulse artillery shells that can apparently paralyse cities by cutting off all communication links without damage to property and lives. Or the next superstealth weapon that is ‘neither a helicopter nor an aircraft’.
The F-35s and F22s will get Artificial Intelligence to control nearby drones equipped with weapons, test enemy air defences and perform intelligence functions. These upgrades need to be sold, for which the country needs enemies and repeated wars while heightened threat perceptions help purchases.
The evolving Russian threat is the diversion and US troops have recently been dispatched to Poland and Norway to make the threat appear realistic. Considering President Trump’s statements in his inaugural speech it appears that he and his Cold Warriors are on a collision course. Who will blink first?

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Trump in power in America and Abdul Hadi in power in Malaysia

If you want a glimpse of this emerging saga do no more read the inside articles  with care. No newspaper can offer a comprehensive account. 
The memory last general elections  DAP and PKR in past elections had forced Umno and BN's defeat in 89 parliamentary seats, and wrested the popular vote. party president Abdul Hadi's Awang new imperatives of strength with UMNO but will it work DAP is predominantly made up of non-Muslim members while Bersatu is the converse says Hadi
PKR, which has a balance of Muslim and non-Muslim members, is maintaining talks with PAS in hopes to forge a political pact between Pakatan Harapan, Bersatu and history says Mahathir.He said political co-operation with DAP and PKR in past elections had forced Umno and BN's defeat in 89 parliamentary seats, and wrested the popular vote.ALSO READ THIS Hadi: PAS' duty to ensure Muslims in power No election is an echo of the past
Image result for PAS THE ISLAMIC PARTY

It has only been three weeks of Donald Trump as president but seems more like three years. Be prepared to age faster and get more wrinkles in the age of Trump.
He has already “broken” and “repaired” the China policy, welcomed the Japanese prime minister right after, shaking his hand for a record-breaking 19 seconds in a subliminal message to Xi Jinping, rebuffed Australia, dissed Mexico, warmly welcomed Canada’s Justin Trudeau and blocked a former Palestinian leader from a UN job. To be noted: he had two normal calls with India.
In some cases, Trump walked back from the brink: his advisers recently told the Europeans the nuclear agreement with Iran would be honoured, not ripped up. On Israel, he moderated his extreme support for settlements: he no longer considers Israeli settlements “a good thing for peace”. And Trump has already lost his national security adviser Michael Flynn who had to resign for allegedly hinting to the Russians that sanctions might be lifted once Trump took over.
Washington already didn’t like him, the Russian scandal did him in. Oh, the short memories in Washington! Didn’t Ronald Reagan’s men make adeal with Iran to delay the release of American hostages until after the 1980 election in exchange for arms, a.k.a. the Iran-Contra scandal? Go back further to 1968 and find Richard Nixon scuttling the Vietnam War peace talks so the Democrats won’t get electoral advantage. It is a tradition. But Washington is raging against Team Trump for being confused, chaotic, clueless and riddled with typos.
Yes to all that, but is there any method in the madness? The retreat on China steered by the new secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, may be tactical.

The scripted exchange satisfied China and that’s all good. It was the bonding with Japan’s Shinzo Abe that was more significant from a wider Asian security perspective. A home run, the Japanese media said.

Trump may return to the drawing board on China after taking measure of Vladimir Putin, the man who has made himself pivotal to so many calculations for so many countries so quickly, India included. But to change anything on China and Russia, Trump will have to fight all of Washington, including stalwarts of his own Republican Party like Senator John McCain. Where he sees an opportunity, McCain and Co. see reasons to implicate Moscow.
Somewhere in the mix is Afghanistan and what Trump can or would do about America’s longest war. It’s mired in a deadly stalemate. And 2016 saw Russia and Iran carving space in Afghanistan and work in symphony with Pakistan and China. This quad is attempting to set the table. India has had to shout to be heard and force its way into the Moscowsponsored club.
Trump will have to take a call sooner than later: send more troops to quash the Taliban or continue with Obama Administration’s policy of tying US troops in knots while refusing to equip Afghan security forces enough to fight back. Reason: Pakistani objections. Good news: some powerful people are tired of this fail-fail strategy. McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wants US troops to win instead of following a “don’t lose” template.
The US military seems to agree. Gen. John Nicholson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan, gave an unusually frank testimony in front of McCain’s committee last week, arguing for more troops, a clearer winning strategy and even declaring Taliban a terrorist organisation. He called for a “holistic review” of Pakistan policy, a country he blamed for the stalemate.
“It’s very difficult to succeed on the battlefield when your enemy enjoys external support and safe haven.” True that, said the senators who went on ask pointed questions about Pakistan.
McCain and other Republicans see an opportunity to push for a new approach with the Trump Administration. But this is where it gets complicated. Nicholson sees Russia as the new villain in Afghanistan. Its motives and methods are suspect.
The Russians are in Afghanistan to undermine the US and Nato, not to fight ISIS, Nicholson said. They want revenge for being forced out the first time by US-financed Mujahideen. Nicholson accused Russia of legitimising the Taliban and creating a “false narrative” about how the Taliban — not the Afghan army — are the true bulwark against ISIS.
Americans worry that Russian weapons to the Taliban can easily land in Al-Qaeda’s lap given the proximity between the two groups. If Trump wants to reset with Russia, Afghanistan will be a complicating factor. India’s headaches will multiply, as will pressure to step in and help.

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How girls are enslaved for debt payment in Pakistan

They always choose the prettiest': The most significant effect of this controversy has been to once again raise the question of whether India really needs its many governors. Most of the time they just luxuriate in prime real estate in state capitals as if they were royalty and this were still the Raj, leaping into headlines only when they take egregiously partisan positions favoring the central government that empowers them against the state government on which they are foisted.

Rajdeep Sardesai points out that Indira Gandhi started the practice of packing Raj Bhavans with ‘committed’ civil servants and politicians but the first thing the Janata Party did after coming to power was to dismiss all the Indira appointees and anoint their own supporters instead, and this rather inglorious tradition has since continued.
There is also a strong case for the Centre appointing governors in consultation with the state government. But the stronger case is for abolishing the post altogether and using the exchequer’s savings for some more productive purpose. The way in which gerontocrats are enthroned on the post is after all a dead giveaway of its redundancy
It is not at all a common thing in India that a person holding a high public office is forced to step down because of inappropriate sexual conduct. But Meghalaya Governor V Shanmuganathan has been made to resign after nearly 100 members of his staff wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi complaining about his conduct.
The letter actually lists a variety of grievances. This is the one that has attracted most notice: “Raj Bhavan has now under this Governor become a place where young ladies come and go at will with direct orders from the Governor. The security of the Governor’s house is also being seriously compromised. It is well known that many of these ladies have direct access to his bedroom.”
The girl called Jeevti was just 14 when she taken from her family in the night to be married off to a man who says her family owed him $1,000.
Her mother, Ameri Kashi Kohli, is sure that her daughter paid the price for a never-ending debt.
Ameri says she and her husband borrowed roughly $500 when they first began to work on the land, but she throws up her hands and says the debt was repaid.
It's a familiar story here in southern Pakistan: Small loans balloon into impossible debts, bills multiply, payments are never deducted.
In this world, women like Ameri and her young daughter are treated as property: taken as payment for a debt, to settle disputes, or as revenge if a landowner wants to punish his worker. Sometimes parents, burdened by an unforgiving debt, even offer their daughters as payment.
The women are like trophies to the men. They choose the prettiest, the young and pliable. Sometimes they take them as second wives to look after their homes. Sometimes they use them as prostitutes to earn money. Sometimes they take them simply because they can.
"I went to the police and to the court. But no one is listening to us," says Ameri, who is Hindu. She says the land manager made her daughter convert to Islam and took the girl as his second wife. "They told us, 'Your daughter has committed to Islam and you can't get her back."'
More than 2 million Pakistanis live as " modern slaves+ ," according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index+ , which ranks Pakistan in the top three offending countries that still enslave people, some as farm workers, others at brick kilns or as household staff. Sometimes the workers are beaten or chained to keep them from fleeing.
"They have no rights, and their women and girls are the most vulnerable," says Ghulam Hayder, whose Green Rural Development Organization works to free Pakistan's bonded laborers.
An estimated 1,000 young Christian and Hindu girls, most of them underage and impoverished, are taken from their homes each year, converted to Islam and married, said a report by the South Asia Partnership organization.
Hayder says, "They always take the pretty ones."
The night Jeevti disappeared, the family had slept outside, the only way to endure the brutal summer heat here in southern Sindh province. In the morning, she was gone. No one heard anything, her mother says.
The family turned to activist Veero Kohli to help free the girl.
Kohli, who isn't related to the family, was born a slave. Since fleeing bondage in 1999, she has devoted herself to challenging Pakistan's powerful landowners, liberating thousands of families from bonded labor.
Kohli's defiance incenses many men in a country dominated by a centuries-old patriarchal culture.
"I know that they would like to kill me, but I will never stop fighting to free these people,' she says.
Five months ago, she went with Ameri to the Piyaro Lundh police station to find her daughter. They said the girl went willingly, Kohli says. "I told them: 'Let me talk to her. Let her mother talk to her if she went freely."' They refused.
Instead, they called in the man who Ameri said had taken her daughter. Hamid Brohi, came alone, without the girl. "He said, 'Anyway, she is payment for 100,000 rupees ($1,000) they owe me,"' Kohli recalls.
Now Kohli is returning to the same police station, where police officer Aqueel Ahmed thumbs through a dozen files, barely containing his anger at the activist.
Finally, he pulls out an affidavit. In it, the girl, who now goes by the name Fatima, said she had converted freely and married Brohi of her own free will. She also said she couldn't meet her mother because now she was Muslim and her family was Hindu.
Hindu activists say the girls are kept isolated until they have been forced to convert and are married - and then it's almost too late to do anything.
Under pressure, police in a machine-gun-mounted jeep finally take Kohli and a foreign reporter to visit the girl. Her mother doesn't come, too afraid, she says, to confront the police in person again.
Brohi, a sullen-looking man with a thin mustache, greets the police with an embrace. He angrily denies he took Jeevti as payment for the family's debt, despite his earlier boast to the activist that he had done just that.
Inside, Jeevti sits on a double mattress on the floor, her head wrapped in a black shawl. She wears heavy eyeshadow and exaggerated bright red lipstick, like a child who has put on her mother's makeup - or one who is attempting to look older.
Although she doesn't seem afraid, her eyes dart to the door where her husband hovers. When she speaks, her words seem rehearsed.
"I married him because I wanted to," she says. "I myself asked him that as we are lovers, we should get married. So he said, 'Let's get married,' and I said yes."

Help this farmer save his son's life

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She denies that she hasn't seen her mother since leaving. But she can't say when she saw her mother last - or even where she lives, now that the family has fled its old home. She is quiet when asked why her court affidavit says she refused to talk to her mother because she had converted to Islam.
She says she doesn't know what is in the court documents, although each one the police showed said Jeevti had spoken the words herself.

There is no future for minorities in Pakistan where as in India, they dictate the terms.

The next day, the visitors return — without a police escort.
Inside the compound, there are only women, and no one knows Fatima. The door to the room where she sat the day before is padlocked. It is as if the compound was but a stage set for a young girl's performance.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Najib behind the shame and silence don't 'U-turn' go forward

Najib behind the shame and silence  even more important is how the organisation is held to account.The  must report to the executive, as it does. Its chief must testify, on a regular basis, before a multiparty committee of Parliament. It, along with all other police outfits, must also be accountable to the National Human Rights Commission. Multiple lines of accountability would guarantee autonomy.

In the past, directly and indirectly hinted at the use of MACC cases against them to exert political pressure. As Malaysian develops as a democracy, integrity of the institutions of the state must strengthen, not weaken.An institutional solution would have three parts, relating to appointment of the organisation’s chief, lines of accountability and professionalism. Ideally, the bureau should have its own, directly recruited, professional cadre. The very process of deputation from various police forces is a node for injecting political patronage. The appointment of the bureau’s chief is by the prime minister, the leader of Opposition and the chief justice. This is not foolproof, as appointment of an interim chief whose tenure would witness the superannuation of some eligible candidates, shows.
ALSO READ THIS Power corrupts not whistleblowers curbed arbitrary,discretionary power

It is entirely within the logic of turbulent judicature that a dream run should be interrupted by a wake-up call. It might be pertinent to note, in this context, that dreams are best shaped into reality with the help of daylight not daylight robbery. Among the dangers of darkness is that it obscures the bumps on that twisting road to judicature regeneration has a long tradition of serving as the political tool of the powers that be. The tradition would appear to be gaining strength, rather than being supplanted with healthy professionalism. The MACC’s probe into graft allegations against 
ALSO READ THIS So MACC gets away with it selective, even malicious, investigation and prosecution of corruption cases.

Corruption,and exploitation and manipulation more measured tones of history the record will prove that our much abused system  would appear to more selective targeting of opponents of the ruling party than upholding probity in public life. 

Former Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigations Department chief Mat Zain Ibrahim has questioned whether attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali has the power to indemnify anyone against criminal action.believes in the Caesar’s Wife principle: in public life Would Caesar’s Wife have accepted the   attorney-general post if she had been told she had to rescue Najib Mohd Zin too high a price to pay for fighting corruption., where corruption dogs  at every step.there is ready to take on the corrupt instead of joining the loot. a promise for the future. True or not, history will tell. For now, they continue to believe he can win the war against corruption.The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), is becoming “curiouser and curiouser” - in its pronouncements, staff movements and selective, even malicious, investigation and prosecution of corruption cases.ALSO READ THIS Mohamad Appandi Should prove the innocence of Najib in courts, not streets

In 1897 Ronald Ross proved that what caused malaria were germ-carrying mosquitoes. Malaria was only a symptom, which quinine could only suppress but not cure. The only cure for malaria was the eradication of the insects that caused it.a symptom of the disease of corruption.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mohamed Apandi Ali are you master of your life or slave to your choices?

Your identity gets scattered.
The reason you are untouchable is simply that you have been appointed by the most powerful person to cover up for and defend him. Your sidekick, who has the power to arrest and press charges, are also there to do the same thing.And that is the reason you have carried yourselves not with poise and composure as you have claimed, but with mendacious and arrogance. According to Bar chief Steven Thiru: " This is in stark contrast to the developments in at least eleven countries - Australia, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, and Venezuela - where there have been investigations, measures imposed on financial institutions, criminal prosecutions and convictions, and proceedings for forfeiture of assets."
How does one hold one's head up high, when one's colleagues in 11 countries appear to be blatantly saying the exact opposite about 1MDB?
Not to mention Singapore sending people to jail in related cases? The words 'thick-skinned' comes to mind.

What I call  the (AG)“zombie mode”Are you living as a master of your destiny or slave to your choices? It’s high time you made “you” matter.  while your journey is interdependent on your interactions with them, there’s no need to make it entirely about them because when they leave you are left lost, purposeless and lonely. There’s no one you can blame for that apart from yourself.All along, you’ve been shaping your destiny unconsciously. But you can also work on it consciously.If you make the effort to access your core and realise that everything is your responsibility, and shift your focus inside you, then you can rewrite your destiny. Those who are in a hurry to grow spiritually avoid getting into marriage, children and relationships because the moment you have a spouse, and children, you get identified with them. Once you get identified with them, one by one you get identified with too many things.

(AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali“Never take a solemn oath. People think you mean it!” well-educated such as you,  unable to see why you have remained untouchable, or, as you have said, unshaken, then those who are able must be dazzlingly bright sparks. Mohamed Apandi Ali, perhaps you are the problem.The AGs of Singapore, Switzerland, the United States and other countries have found irregularities in 1MDB, but you can't find any fault.
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