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MCA Liow the lier, Never underestimate the intelligence of the corrupt.

The Ultimate Game also-rans  Can cover up Liow the lier' be any help to the Malays?
an intellectual, trained in history, political science and law which he taught for a while, before entering writting. for it was a good opportunity to find out how the Malays were getting along in approved pursuits.could be falling into a trap when they pray for calamity. we should never underestimate the intelligence of the corrupt.We just messed up MAS, and now KLIA. Is this because Malaysians are stupid or just MCA KLIA2 looks like an old airport. Dim,drab and wet. Tiles are not well laid. Ground floor sinking? Not surprising at all. Liow has not got the character and ability for this job.This MCA spineless President won Bentong with 379 votes out of 62,666 voters to a new comer Wong Tack. His job is to keep his job and not to do anything useful.Cover up Liow the lier' said that tear gas canisters were not thrown into Tung Shin hospital despite numerous photographic evidence during the Bersih protest. Now he said that it's 'water ponding' only at KLIA2 where it's clearly flooding. Stop the lies, Mr. Minister. If he takes Cabinet ministers down with him, threatens the stability of the UMNO government, although not its existence.Governments do not commit suicide deliberately, although they may do so accidentally. Nor do you break your second leg in revenge if the first one is hobbling. Politicians, therefore, will make every effort to shift investigation from clarity to obfuscation through a smokescreen of brazen half-truths, thin justifications and, in some case,The most useful weapon in the politician’s armoury is public amnesia about yesterday's news, replaced by fresh reports that emerge from the baking oven of information, accusation and speculation. An early exclusive revealed that cover up Liow the lier Cabinet minister had summoned  new committee's limited scope on safety dodges the real scandals.  them the choiceless choice: fall in line, or else. Where is that once earth-shattering story now? Ask not — or else.

You're unfit nor possess the intelligence capability to be a Minister. You're as good as those garbage collectors!Sometimes alliance parties find it convenient to simulate conflict, but this is public posturing to satisfy populist opinion before an election. Malays and Chinese are the new templates of posture-politics. The glue of power melts only in the heat of public anger. Corruption,Scapegoats have this unnerving tendency to breed an heir just before sacrifice; you’ve barely got through one, and another is required for the chopping block. Some of them might squeal sharply on the way to the butcher’s block, or, if their voice has been gagged, send an email technically disguised by anonymity.
Commission of Inquiry/Enquiry or Probes are set up not to seek the truth of the matter or the actual perpetrator(s) but just to placate the Rakyat that something is being done. If so, is there a real need for them? protects  with an equally conscious fudge, shuffling the blame on to unspecified intelligence agencies. that of criminalising  politics Malaysians did not live to see freedom failed: they hit upon the startling  truth

.Everyone was guilty. is hoping fervently for the onset of information-fatigue, when the story fades from screen, print and public consciousness. But that may take time, for there hasn't been a story like this in six decades, so utterly rich in sex, sleaze and superstars. money, nepotism, ministers , high-rollers, back-stabbers, whistle-blowers, gambling rings and international betting rackets. In the camera lights, histrionic celebrities chase one another with snide remarks or hurt feelings; in the shadows, there are whispers about underhand pay-offs to the holiest names in the litany of Chinese politics innovative  How could the media resist turning such explosive ingredients into the most volatile Molotov cocktails in memory?
  Cynics have called.MCA circus When you buy a ticket to the circus you get clowns along with lion-tamers, while trapeze artistes inspire the cheerleaders. But it does become a curious extravaganza when you can't tell the difference between who is who.

Umno MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed called on his party president Najib Abdul Razak to be more aggressive in bringing change to Umno.The Pulai MP said Najib must be driven by more intellectual discourse in Umno, so that the party can keep up with the times.

 Malays are being manipulated by MCA Liow as a tool for extreme right wing forces  to come to power. Najib'S  government was collapsing due to its own contradictions, The rest of the story, including the ride with Rosmah the elephant – where Bloggera are been massacred by Najib – is told with the insights of the Great Insider of  politics. Najib has promised us two more transformations, probably covering all the time up to 2014. We cannot wait.Liow the lier' corrupt and running dog of racist and corrupt Najib cronies, Liow Tiong Lai is definitely useless and he has to " kowtow " to his taiko. High time to kick him out during the 14th GE.Isn't this like the Sabah's Project IC commission. It's just a cover-up to protect the crony culprits. To quote Najib's famous one liner; "You help me, I help you".Instead of constantly criticising Anwar, why don't you come up with an alternative panel and alternative terms of reference. Show us all how your 'alternative' government would handle the problem. Let the voters be your judge, cos so far the performance of Pakatan when it comes to ethics has been abysmal

DAP has blasted Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai for avoiding a full probe of the controversial Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) by setting up a committee of limited scope. seems to have set a mongoose among the snakes eaten Alive, with complaints that he doesn’t actually get eaten alive but escapes after allowing himself to be pressed, squeezed, constricted for an hour by an Amazonian anaconda. While this complaint seems disturbingly bloodthirsty, the other is that the anaconda got a raw deal. says Dap  who wanted to shock people into paying attention to the Amazon’s endangered species. This is a sound defence – grabbing attention by grabbing eyeballs is an honourable conservation strategy in the media age.

this how stupid UMNO can bewe MCA can win on Malay votes.we can  be a Minister with even without winning
Malaysian politics Can a foolish MCA can bring back a foolhardy ruling party UMNO from brain death.It’s not about decency,like  MCA of not criticizing Rayer  who espouse bigotry and hate.
But the  Star media’s fixation with the dodgy and supposed powerbrokers despite this reflects a larger malaise. It is partly mechanical and sometimes deliberate – worrisome in both cases — to reinforce stereotypes and condemn alleged Muslim herd mentality. Had that not been the case, the media would not have conveniently overlooked 
 MCA's worst record in upholding the rule of law, protection & stability or spiraling downhill via sanctioned violence & incitement? MCA had become a storehouse of corruption. "Shamelessly they defend the loot of public money in several sectors. And the perpetrators are allowed to go scot free," 
 SNAKE HEADED M.C.A CHINESE ,50,Years and many surprises
A perpetuated lie may get the semblance of truth, but too many half truths convert into a pack of lies.The world will have its rivals and its bitterness. There are ways to settle them. Decided guidelines of negotiations are acceptable. Cleverness and manipulation sometimes have the opposite effect.
There are columns that get you into trouble, and this might just be one of them. However, some things must be said simply because too many hypocrites have run the minorities agenda for too long. The results are there for all to see.While many individual success stories exist, Malays, the largest in term population , are still well below the national average in terms of income, education and levels of influence in society. It isn’t easy for Muslims to live in a society that discriminates against them. However, even many so-called ‘keepers’ of Muslim causes (the same ones who will attack me on this column) have done little for the community other than suggestions such as: “Never vote UMNO , always vote DAP”
 we MCA can win on Malay votes.we can  be a Minister with even without winning
Where Malaysia is heading, with sensational news from Muslim-only Allah, Hudud for all, body-snatching, wedding gate-crashing, police defying the Common Law Courts, to now Muslims buying only from Muslims? - The common question asked by many Malaysians is either “what have gone wrong?” or “Where have we gone wrong?” The relevant question, to my mind, is neither of these but “when have we gone wrong?”
Such over-simplification and politicization has done more harm than good. It pains me to see a talented community being represented by regressive, parochial and divisive leaders who frankly do not care about Chinese or its youth, and therefore, don’t care about the Muslim youth either. With the intent to get through to some positive thinking, open-minded people, I give some suggestions.

Yes, not what and where, but when. And my answer is 1946  Communal violence policy: .readmore

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