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Titiwangsa UMNO chief said Teresa Kok has a history of anti-Malay and anti-Islam

So what does that mean for Teresa Kok Malai Si-yah, why she did not say Malaysia? Well, any step to say that will defeat her agenda of anti-Malay and anti-Islam and Chinese empowerment that conflict with Najib   might see the  red light of the day.this is personality cultism no doubt the Chinese people will be voting  for only a mindset poriborton.Titiwangsa MP Datuk Joha comes from Malay heartland, traces DAP decline toTeresa Kok a “experts of racial politics” .This is an unambiguous attack on Malay culture spawned  and endorsed by the DAP adviser, without Lim Kit Siang  support  still be an understudy rather than an heir apparent. PerhapsTeresa Kok ’s own career is on the wane since she is  Chinese wallah .But that does  make her wrong.. 
Lim Kit Siang  has promised today said he would ask Teresa Kok to apologise and withdraw her "Onderful Malaysia" video if anyone can show that the video is anti-Malay or anti-Islam .
The DAP adviser said he watched the 11-minute video closely several times but could not find anything that is remotely un-Islamic.but The denial of Lim Kit Siang  that he made the statement which the Malaysian Insider is immaterial. There is voluminous evidence available with regard to the pliability of Teresa Kok has a history of anti-Malay and anti-Islam Dap manipulated the Malaysian even independent of his retracted statement.Like a true nerd, I dissected Teresa Kok's anti-Malay and anti-Islam  video closely  ,she  having engineered Kok had produced a Chinese New Year greeting video, entitled "Onederful" Malaysia CNY 2014,wants chinese renaissance, is its DAP mascot ’s interview transcript . She used the term ‘empower in Chinese  of Malai Si-yah   ’ 25 times, mostly in the context  If you were to listen to the video was a “stinging critique” on the alleged failures of the Najib administration to resolve pressing national concerns.  election rhetoric, that’s not honest takeaway. There’s so much chest thumping about how DAP, how we had the most amazing leaders, the finest  Chinese culture, the best  Chinese schools of learning, the most exciting Chinese politics. It’s all about  Destroying of  Malay rights? If MCA dare not object when they are humiliated in their own building and openly in front of their member. Lim Guan Eng ask how MCA can  fight UMNO to defend Malaysian rights? No wonder, in such a complex world, where your friend could well be owned by your enemy, young Chinese want a leader who can take Malays  where Malays is today. They think DAP is that party. they have a track record of inspiring change. Unlike MCA which has always enshrined the status quo. And young  Chinese believe, it’s the status quo that hurts Chinese most.The DAP adviser said he watched the 11-minute video closely several times but could not find anything that is remotely un-Islamic.Instead, Lim said the video was a “stinging critique” on the alleged failures of the Najib administration to resolve pressing national concerns.
“We can agree or disagree as to whether Teresa’s video was good, bad or even atrocious... but what is completely unacceptable is resort to lies and falsehoods to accuse Teresa’s video as anti-Malay and anti-Islam,” he said in a statement today.the evil Teresa Kok scion, who had offered herself up for the sacrifice. They shouted so much at News Hour to be heard over each other that she started coughing and spluttering, adding to the senseless cacophony.    
“I will ask Teresa to withdraw and apologise for the ‘Onederful Malaysia’ video if anyone can show there is any part which is anti-Malay and anti-Islam,”.Not everyone thrives on high decibels and rhetoric, and  presented insensitive, albeit lacklustre persona  the lampooning began. Leading the pack were political opponents and senior journalists, gleefully moving in for the attack. on Najib Most of them past their prime, having seen the best and worst of times, now sharpening their wits at the expense Malay Islam and Najib And then began the lampooning. Now, I agree that lampooning public figures is a fine art when executed by cartoonists, writers and artists. But, in the wrong hands, and employed for selfserving purposes, it becomes a vicious weapon of attack used by all to vent their spleen. And this is what happened when  jokes on Najib started flying hard and fast. It seems most of us are just looking for an opportunity to ridicule the powerful. said Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari Politics has no space for lost-and-found options. What is lost, remains lost.Johari’s suggestion that the time has come  Lim Kit Siang to reconsider  seems lost in the immediate din. At one level, this will be written off as a DAP’s lament..A core problem with DAP democracy is the sanctimonious worship of  Lim Kit Siang. Some issues are placed on an altar high above all levels of debate. Even discourse is sacrilege . It is not a question of right and wrong; or, more accurately, if what was right six decades ago continues to remain equally right today. One could make a persuasive case  But why should any subject be banished from discussion? Why cannot we introduce the thought of amendments: that those Malayswho have flourished from reservations should be excluded from further positive discrimination so that benefits can accrue to the less fortunate among them? 

The polarization of votes represents  DAP’s best chance and this can be best achieved through the idiom and language.I’m often asked how I handle being confronted by verbal and emotional abuse. I am open to discussions, even heated ones, but I am completely put off when people turn to mud-slinging, profanity or cruelty. To reply in the same coin isn’t me, and to put up with it only gives them license to continue. I mostly handle bad behaviour with humour. If someone is using foul language, I’d make a joke by getting a cotton bud and cleaning my ears in the middle of an argument, humorously stating, “too much dirt flying around, can we keep it clean?”, or pulling out a condom and laughingly saying, “put this on your tongue, it’s continuously f***ing, so please practise safe sex”. Or a wide-eyed loud “beep” every time they curse. 
There have been times when anger outweighs logic and I’m confronted by the typical “Who are you?” (Emphasis on the “Who” ) dialogue and I put on my best puzzled look and state, “Do you generally argue with people you don’t know?”, or sometimes I’ve called up the person’s mobile, had my name flash and say, “Oh! You have bad memory. You do know me.” But there are times when arguments outlive humour and people still haven’t learnt to fight clean. I then use the ‘24 hour’ disconnect theory. 

If someone crosses emotional and familial boundaries or spews from a gutter mouth, I say “24 hours” and go absolutely silent on them. No text. No acknowledgement. They may be in the same room, and I could be laughing and chatting with everyone else, but that person is invisible to me for 24 hours. When you do this a few times, the person realises that attacking you fails, and that if they want to reach a resolution or make a point, they have to keep it clean.
Turns out that when it comes to vote bank politics,DAP are worried the new Muslims. vote bank is not quite as secure and predictable as it used to be (probably because Muslims have figured out the political games played with them).  support a party in large numbers, provided you can win their trust. Of course wooing Chinese whether individually or as a group, is easier said than done. Certainly, repeating the term ‘Chinese’s empowerment’ two dozen times atrocious. is not going to to cut it. 

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