Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perkasa vice-presiden Zulkifli Noordin Moving into disruptive ideas

rior to the last general election, a video recording surfaced showing Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin insulting the Hindu religion, anti-Muslim carnage, slamming the comparison between the two parties as well as the pogroms as "odious". were different because apart from apology, the process of reconciliation In what appeared a dig at Najibi Zulkifli Noordin   said, "He  is quite  unlike a number of persons in our political system who aspire for big office but are habituated to speaking with a forked tongue, who are self-centred and have illusions of infallibility." Malaysia it is not just possible but in fact has been in practice for many years. For all the increasing clamour of the urgent need of 'good governance',Malaysia has always been what is often described as a 'functioning anarchy', a society in which rules exist only in order to be broken, or openly flouted.
IMalaysia has an innate genius for anarchy, for operating without any rules at all. We call this lack of rules by various names, our famed knack of 'jugaad' being one of them. Whether it is negotiating everyday traffic on the road, trying out a recipe for a new dish, or playing a piece of classical music, India improvises: it improvises through jugaad, andaz, extemporisation, ad hocism, call it what you will.
There is only one cardinal rule in Malaysia, and that is that there are no hard and fast rules for doing anything, from driving a car or a two-wheeler, to conducting business, or achieving one's goals by whatever means at hand.
This open flouting of rules is often demanded as a 'right'. Students sitting for an exam will smash up the premises where the test is being held if they are denied their 'right' to resort to mass 'copying'. Members of a particular caste or community will claim as their 'right' to go on a mob rampage and vandalise public property if their demands for quotas, or reservations or a separate state, or whatever else it is that they want, aren't met.
Self-appointed 'moral police' — a euphemism for goons and thugs — assert their 'right' to beat up anyone whose dress or behaviour offends against 'Indian culture', whatever that convenient catchphrase means politicians convicted under law for billion scams will proclaim their 'right' to be tried only by the 'court of the people'.
So, is  Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin an anarchist? If he isn't, he'd better become one if he's to get anywhere in the anarchy of Malaysia's public life.

Prime Minister  has to follow words with decisive action before it is too late as the Sidang Injil Borneo Church and DAP ’s war is not on Islam, sect, race or a nationality. It is a war on humanity and deserves a fitting response. It is now or never.
They put Muslims in in danger DAP such is the burning, desire for one-upmanship vis-à-vi that they must have gone looking for a judge who can over run the decision Sharp choices bring clarity to decision making for the confused, middle class Malays , Sidang Injil Borneo Church and DAP pose an existential threat Islam and gevernment  the policy of appeasement reflected in the talks offer could only end up strengthening them with more disastrous consequencesAmerican anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims has sparked protests across the Muslim world.
The operation behind  appears to be extreme Sidang Injil Borneo Church  who want to discredit the Malaysian government and create a provocation   hate the term ‘bumiputra Christians’. As though these Christians have a more special rights than the ‘non-bumi Christians. For you Christians out there, remember the Bible say, ‘Neither Jew nor Greek …. all are in one body, one church, one spirit …’ Equality! Sidang Injil Borneo Church  oppose  and are aligned with Christian right groups who have an apocalyptic, theocratic agenda and who are inciting against Muslim   still blinded by the trauma and anti- hysteria wrought Neither of this country’s two major political parties has taken concrete steps in recent the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton and Obama is no mantle bearer, either, for Islam. Everytime something wrong happens, with anything remotely connected with the word ‘Islam’, this question is asked on social media.
Now this is very interesting, because the question is never asked when people from other religions attack people from another. Across the globe, and in our country.
During Sarajevo, nobody asked ‘What are moderate Christians doing?’
During the Tibet riots, nobody asked ‘What are moderate Taoists doing?’
During the Delhi riots, nobody asked ‘What are moderate Hindus doing 
It’s tough to deal with abusive comments that keep coming every day. There are regular such emails and comments on the posts. Most of these guys don’t even bother to read the posts and it appears they are full of hate towards Islam and Muslims.DR SAMY CAN BLAME THE ACT OF GOD MADE FROM THE GOD FACTORY OF KOLKATA RELATED ARTICLE http://suarakeadilanmalaysia.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/mca-chief-chua-soi-lek-contributed-5-million-to-finance-this-filmanother-filemfilm-called-desert-warrior2/ MISSING THE TARGET: MCA’S HOMEGROWN JIHADIS OUT TO DESTROY ISLAM AND THE MALAYS SOI LEK YOUR DEATH WILL BE IN HANDS OF MUSLIM MOB The potters who earned a meager livelihood out of making clay pots, slowly started to sculpt … Read more

I was forced to start moderating comments sometime back when I felt that almost every day I was getting such comments that used to hurt and unsettle me. Often, they are full of so much hatred that you shudder and think, is this real? How much percent of people in this country hate Muslim and do they really hate us so much?

Then I would always console myself that cyberspace is different from normal world. Here people who don’t have the cheek to say or do anything openly, can make anonymous comments or send emails, and they are a handful of peoplewho keep doing that regularly and makes you feel that there are so many Islamophobes.

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