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Archie Ambiga Bersih 2.0 Anarchy Inc the great Anwar loyalist Azmin Ali sulk

Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari is the fascinating person of 2013

No lists can ever do justice to the personal struggles we all wage, nor to the many whose efforts reach out to touch the lives of millions. And yet we must all have our own list of people we find fascinating because I do believe that in admiring another, we are reaffirming those very strengths and qualities within ourselves. Here are some people I found fascinating in 2013 Everyone of us that has made resolutions either forget them, rarely make them materialise and remember them at the end of the year when it’s time to make new ones. Most people focus on what they want to achieve for themselves, which is not wrong, but is anything worth putting such humungous effort into if it doesn’t translate into a source of great and constant happiness?  When I look around I see the fundamental problem in lives, relationships, work and daily interactions with others is the lack of “niceness”.  We command people, unburden on people, nag people, make idle conversation with people and then of course there are happy times with people too. But a majority of the time I see people with grim or expressionless faces, even sitting across the table eating dinner together at restaurants. Initiate positive conversation, be complementary, help a random stranger and at least once a day resolve to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s a ripple effect and is said, “Smile and the world smiles back at you”. It’s true, what goes around comes around. Everyone thinks they are nice, but being a nice person has no value if you’re not spreading it. And remember, it’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters. Let’s resolve to be “nice” people this year. Not just to ourselves and our loved ones or people we need something from. Let’s be nice to everyone. Let’s just be “genuinely nice” people! Fullstop.Kuantan Wanita Umno chief Datuk Zaiton Mat  to reach stardom,   from UMNO a media spectacle even as it drew attention to the cult status  Kuantan Wanita Umno chief Zaiton Mat’s call for those unhappy with BN’s policies to “leave the country” has drawn scorn This racist remark has been came out These are serious questions with no definite answers

“This country does not belong to Kuantan Wanita Umno chief ,” said Titiwangsa MP Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani from Umno.”So, to ask Malaysians who don’t like BN to get out of Malaysia is uncalled for,” he said, adding that Zaiton’s comment was her personal view and not that of Umno or BN.  a media spectacle even as it drew attention to the cult status
“BN accommodates political ideologies of all races and religions in Malaysia,” said Johari.  UMNO will face some serious challenges in 2014

Now that almost everything to do with Maria Chin Abdullah ’s open defiance to elected government  Coalition for Free and Fair Elections’ (Bersih) new steering committee will now start pressuring the agong for a new Election Commission (EC) to replace the existing members. has been discussed and debated. Now that has closed the chapter  transgression following  now that yet another  Traitor Maria Chin Abdulla ’s treason pressuring our Agong   write to the PM not    defied  a elected governtemt of Najib  fledgling political hopeful, made a mistake it would be loath to recognize, let alone admit? for an organization seeking to achieve the unprecedented the new  broom of  an organization seeking to break through glass and steel ceilings, and in one dramatic leap soar from street anger to responsible office? Is this broom is to brash  to recognize status of the constitution. point is the stability and strength of the institutions of  Malaysian democracy  Some people cite such strength to argue that Najib poses no serious threat to democracy. Even if he has anti-democratic instincts, our institutions would not only protect themselves  Malaysian democracy is still young and evolving. It is weak and malleable in many places, vulnerable to opportunistic pressure from outside the repressed will return in ugly and distorted forms, posing problems for governance .Likewise, harsh crackdowns on what’s construed as hate speech can have perverse effects. It allows governments and mobs to  do anything they find offensive as hate speech. can get away with anything, while artists, intellectuals and members of civil society are penalised for their views.Laws and government must followed  not realm of cultural and political provocationas dissident movements , other than those offered by our total revolutionaries? Hunt’ the villains, there is hope, even if there is a blinding sand storm that is coming our way the government has the duty uphold the rule of law and fulfil a political and moral obligation.
Parliament has become a platform for partisan conflict.  Change is a mist which floats through events, often obscured by the daily cloudburst of facts. It is noticed least by those it affects most.  The balance of power is not Coalition for Free and Fair Elections’ (Bersih) the states of the nation will determine  as  the united states of Malays with  our Agong as constitutional monarchy and Najib as head of the Government
Mr Lim Kit Siang  no one in his right mind in the country will dispute that Making Election Commission independent.While the opposition rants and raves much about the  Election Commission  a government stooge, in reality, no one wants to change the status quo. The reasons are transparent enough for anyone to see – after all in politics tables turn most unexpectedly. I am not sure how as a people we can slowly but surely move the government in that direction, The revelation by former Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman is the reason why the EC must be replaced by a truly independent, impartial and professional…
Which is what makes Anwar loyalist Azmin Ali 's sulk more than a little sad. There is the sulk that can be a potent tool of blackmail and then there is the one that craves an acknowledgement of symbolic significance, and unfortunately Mr Azmin Al 's attempt falls in the latter category. In the former case, the sulk comes at a strategic time, and is backed by a specific demand. It also rests on a knowledge of one's own indispensability to the other side. The sulk is used to dramatically alter the previous state of equilibrium by raising the stakes significantly at a crucial moment. This kind of sulk belongs to the Mahathir school of thought where a tantrum is used as a pivotal moment in enforcing a new reality. 

The other kind of sulk is the one more commonly used by the likes of Mahathir , where it used as a reflexive  vehicle of communication rather than as a deliberate instrument of change. It is an expression of an emotional response that spills over, and comes without a coherent plan. Here the only possible solution that can be imagined is that of saving face of the one sulking by some symbolic act of appeasement. Like the elderly relative at an Indian wedding, who becomes the temporary cynosure of attention because of some exaggerated problem he has found with something trivial, the only solution is to give the sulking person some emotional balm and make indulgent soothing sounds Anwar loyalist Azmin Ali's sulk was nothing but an invitation to be put to be put to pasture in an appropriately respectful way- the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award or the position of a chief minister, connoting ritual significance but emphatically denying importance. 

 Anwar loyalist Azmin Ali is sulking, and that means that denial of displeasure by way of an excuse  must necessarily be accompanied by a very public demonstration of unhappiness by ensuring that the excuse is obviously flimsy.  The assertion that 'I am not upset, I am only unwell' needs to be said huffily enough to leave people in no doubt as to the fact that the opposite is true. 
'Anarchy' means 'an absence of law or government'. Can any government — which is supposed to be the embodiment of the rule of law in society — be 'anarchic', represent an absence of government, an absence of itself? Is such a political paradox possible?Have we forgotten the pain during the Bersih rally when the government decided to fire tear gas into the crowd?
Have we forgotten the efforts by average Joes defending the polling station during the election?
Have we forgotten the massive amount of effort by average Malaysians supporting the opposition during the election?
Has PKR forgotten how the public supported Anwar Ibrahim after his arrest?
“I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.” - Charles Chaplin
Charlie was right. Clowns should be placed higher than politicians. At least a clown makes an honest living. A clown entertains, a politician manipulates.
In a democratic system, a good opposition is a must for good governance. PKR has proven to be an effective opposition with their strong criticisms against government policies.
Malaysians have now experienced the “real” concept of democracy with both sides presenting their views and ideas. The online media has played a major role in assisting the public with information that is crucial in decision-making.
We have tasted the power of the people and we need the country to function with a balanced power not with politicians’ personal agendas.
Mahatma Gandhi told the British: "Leave India to God or to anarchy." Sixty-six years after Independence, India seems to be fulfilling this prophecy, in terms of anarchy. In what has widely been seen as a veiled reference to activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan that "popu-list anarchy cannot be a substitute for good governance"Datuk Ambiga.was the  referring to the constitutional propriety — or impropriety — of a duly elected chief minister sitting in dharna in effect against his own administration? Whether or not the reference was indeed to  Anwarl has picked up the gauntlet and said that he would welcome a national debate on the subject, which hinges around PKR's style of functioning which an increasing number of commentators — including former supporters — are describing as being 'anarchic'.PKR must show an "overwhelmingly good reason" for a by-election in Selangor's Kajang state seat, in light of the public's growing unhappiness over the sudden move, The resignation of Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh to allow PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to contest the seat is a betrayal of trust 

It is interesting that the tantrum is such a common part of our political landscape. One would think that an act that reeks of immaturity and emotional neediness would have little place in the very adult world of politics, but that is far being true in Selangor. The fact that so many politicians throw tantrums underlines the fact there is a market for these, in that at some level we accept the legitimacy of the expectation that drives such behaviour. The idea that adults retain a healthy dollop of childishness within them is implicitly understood and accepted. One has only to go back to the time when Mahathir declined to lead the government  and remember the bizarre  and utterly cringe-worthy display of emotion that so many senior UMNO leaders engaged in on national television. It was as if the leaders of the country had regressed into a state of infantile neediness, so naked were they in their abjectness. 

The dividing line between a show of strength and an admission of irrelevance is a thin one. Sometimes a gesture speaks much louder than any substantive action. The transparent excuse used by  Anwar loyalist Azmin Ali  in this case points to his unwillingness to really rock the boat as well as his inability to compel compliance to his desires. Trapped in a reality he can neither accept nor change, his gesture is one of empty petulance and  signals the end of an era. When the  past becomes clingy and burdensome, it becomes much easier to shrug  off. This might be that moment for the pkr. As to what its future is under Anwar, is another question altogether.Rare Umno lawmaker Johari, who is also member of Parliament for Titiwangs You probably have heard this before “Nice people finish last” and perhaps have experienced it as well – watching pushy, inconsiderate individuals get the job you wanted or have received the romantic attention of someone you have been pining for. It didn’t seem fair, did it? … Read more

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