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MCA in times of dishonesty desperate enough trained their water guns on Dr Mahathir

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MCA’s most traumatic cemetery is surely the memory of pain, for it is buried but not dead.There is no chance that any prophet will turn up one day to resurrect  MCA corpse Neither amnesia nor vengeance is a solution, although the timid find solace in the first and the violent seek options in the second. Individuals, communities, nations have to find the spirit that can liberate them from the bonds of past anguish, to discover a future in a new perspective that is something far more than a distorted reflection of their restore balance to a destabilised organization requires many preconditions, including recognition that there is indeed a problem. Political leaders very rarely admit a mistake. Instead, they blame circumstance, and justify any downward spiral of error with self-defeating logic.Traditional categories of sectarian difference are reassembling into a new dynamic,Politics becomes a siren. Ideology is tailored to opportunity.  Mahathir has lost his self-respect and dignity when he ate his own words by kowtowing to Anwar whom he sacked and Lim Kit Siang whom he equated to a communist before,” Ti said in a statement today. Dr Mahathir made a historic appearance at the DAP’s annual convention on Sunday, during which he claimed that the federal opposition party was more Malaysian than the MCA.He pointed out that DAP’s anthem was in the national language, whereas MCA’s party song was in Mandarin.

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 Mahathir to central committee member Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker. what the fuck you call

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Datuk Seri if you depend too much on past arithmetic, you could miss emerging algebra when you say Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s attacks against the MCA carry no weight and has lost any legitimacy to judge others,but MCA  hypocrites should look into the mirror
 Ti said today said MCA had stood by Dr Mahathir’s administration even when it was plagued allegations of corruption.So now Najib must squeaky clean Speak is a political way of life for Malaysia’s Prime Minister–Why can’t we say that he is a liar? if you depend too much on past arithmetic, you could miss emerging algebra Respect is the outcome of integrity and generosity of spirit in personal as well as public life. Both are important.MCA has no qualities or contributions. And so it becomes a golden circle – self-respect arouses respect in others, which further enhances self-respect aslso read this MCA Ti Lian Ker said UMNO Mohamed Nazri mafia don-turned-politician :could be heading for a showdown
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MCA,MIC and Gerakan have become victims of their own success their narrative has run its course, and they have not been able to find a further chapter to their saga.story is the simplest the fairies have abandoned its fairy tale. It began as the party of refugees from MCA
MCA in times of dishonesty is all an eyewash It is common knowledge that the best way to argue MCA case with UMNO is through a suitcase.More important,MCA seem trapped in either geographical or ideological limitations, with their cadre having become part-asset and part-liability.

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Jokes are the evidence and the argument in this trial; the voter is both lawyer and judge in the court of the people. But there is some good news for those on trial. The maximum sentence is just five years in wilderness. The next five years will pass as quickly as the last five.Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) , the second biggest party in BN, has been struggling to make a political comeback since its abysmal performance in the general election last March. The party lost more than half of all the seats it contested. Its parliamentary representation fell from 41 seats to a meagre 15. It lost in almost all Chinese-majority constituencies. Chinese support for the BN was at a low of 25-38 percent in mostly urban seats

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today trained his guns on MCA, following the latter’s attack on DAP for associating with the ex-PM.Technically, the party represents the Chinese community only in name. Current leaders are less revered and respected compared to predecessors such as Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Siew Sin, Lee San Choon, and Lim Ah Lek. Years of racial politics have taken a toll of all parties representing the minorities in Barisan Nasional (BN). Most have lost the support of their respective communities because they were seen as conceding too much to the dominant racial party, UMNO.

In a scathing blog post, he asked MCA to reflect on its association with “kleptocratic” Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak before attacking the DAP-Mahathir alliance.“MCA should not talk about principles as it is just opportunistic. It is not the MCA of Tan Cheng Lock.Shameless MCA running dogs have no moral standing to talk about principles!MIC and Gerakan survives  despite setbacks, because is still waking up Malay support base. Chinese deliverance is nill and  cross-ethnic alliances are still in infancy.Every election does offer one or two high-profile examples where money has been used to fashion a result, but this requires enormous political muscle and some very careful government engineering. Exceptions prove the rule rather than undermine it

muscle and some very careful UMNO engineering. Exceptions prove the rule rather than undermine it
Every election does offer one or two high-profile examples where money has been used to fashion a result, but this requires enormous political muscle and some very careful engineering. Exceptions prove the rule rather than undermine it

Nature and politics have one thing in common: they both abhor a vacuum.UMNO is doing its best to create its own Opposition. However, nostalgia does not buy votes. Votes go to those who sell a future, not those who re-brand the past.It is useful to remember, however, that some sheep have been known to change their clothing at the opportune moment. MCA has, cleverly, taken out some insurance by investing in
History does not repeat itself, but does it imitate itself? The answer will take a while.Defeat is the distance between a bedtime story and a wake-up call. The former starts with ‘Once upon a time…’ and lulls the voter to sleep. The second is an energiser that addresses a fresh dawn
Voters are very wise; they will accept every little bribe thrown their way, and then vote on the basis of policy, politics and perhaps character. When candidates turn beggars or extortionists, it is not because they want to win, but because they want to knit a fat financial cushion that will comfort their posterior for the foreseeable future. Elections are the appropriate time for accumulation since ‘donations’ have become legitimized during this heartbeat moment in a democracy. The true algebra of spending offers different equations. Losers, driven by anxiety, tend to spend more than winners, all other aspects being equal.The electoral excuse for corruption falters on facts. Will this change anything? Probably not. For parties and their candidates, cash collection has become too pleasant a habit. Businessmen might be aware of what is going on, but continue to feed this goose in the belief that it will lay golden eggs very soon. The existing system is their best insurance in an environment where profits can depend on manipulation. This cozy partnership explains why politicians are so desperate to get nominations, even when they are certain that they will lose. They know that whether they become MPs or not, they will always become richer

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