Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Magnificent myths of Jamal Md Yunos Rafizi things we learn from things we learn ,sodomy 1,2 now a terrorist

Don’t stoke the fire: Tampering with High politicisation of a criminal Jamal Md Yunos

The Preamble of our Constitution succinctly lays down its guiding purpose, one of them being: equality of status and of opportunity. No society is (or has ever been) truly equal; it is an ever-elusive aspiration. It helps, though, if the first step is ‘equality before the law’. All civilised countries practice equality before the law; it ideally should entail that the law doesn’t differentiate based  called it the Divide-and-Rule strategy. The British were master practitioners of it. has continued this policy of Divide-and-Rule.the best way to do so is to protest against every single Divide-and-Rule law

Magnificent myths of Jamal Md Yunos , Rafizi things we learn from things we learn sodomy 1,2 now  a terrorist psyche with body shaming, trolling and cyber bullying have been invented. While the world around us is becoming increasingly intolerant and compassion deficient, Learning a new language makes one sheepish and apologetic in equal measure. Without realizing, the state of mind slips into the mode of ‘I know nothing.’ ‘What is that called’, probably becomes the most used phrase. As human beings, we use languages to not just communicate but also to be understood. The wall between you and the world till you learn the new language forces you to relook at Jamal Md Yunos make the public and the world despise him so much... and was caught with his pants down... this country has become a laughingstock to the world...
The only 'miracle' that is saving Rafizi   and allowing him the breathing space...for the time being, Mukhriz said UMNO is a cruel irony that foolish Umno leaders can’t answer simple question
UMNO, a party with all the power in their hands for so many years in absolute control of the country ,cannot find a suitable successor to Najib tells us a lot of things.This is because,UMNO has neglected its own party development,its members from top to bottom is there,like warlords,looking only after their turf and self interests.They are all in there to plunder after selfish wealth development when the going is good.It has developed to such a height of greed that the party's next echelon of successors and interests are absolutely neglected and forgotten. It only takes a crisis like Tengku Adnan's scandals to see how hopelessly UMNO has been broken down by arrogance and self glory.The fact that they have neglected their own party is all right to us.But invariably the nation's interest and development are also in tatters.Our educational system is at bottom rung internationally,we have failed to produced employable graduates,our institutions and civil service are led by mediocre leaders. rightfully concerned about the dire consequences to the rule of law in this country if the decision of  cannot be questioned regardless of the facts and circumstances of the case.

Zahid said, an eye for an eye will leave us all blind. Principles are vulnerable in pursuit of barbarians. But we must also defeat the enemy before it destroys us. That is the challenge. the enemy is Jamal Md Yunos
what is  Zahid's politics then although the UMNO produces some most creative minds, it remains nation in constant need of a bogeyman to slay like Anwar Ibrahim  now Rafizi .UMNO leaders have been intentionally entrapping the minds of Malays as a means to retain their power and positions,   Zahid  warned that the inevitable advent of the digital world would put an end to such shortsighted leadership “We have been talking about the Malay problem ever since UMNO birth
Why is it after 60 years of independence, with sultans and leaders as Malays, and the government being led by Malays, we still have this problem?
Najib now wants Status quo, is a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with regards to social or political issues. In the sociological sense, it generally applies to maintain or change existing social structure and values.Ironically, even UMNO is nervous. Zahid has opted for a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose strategy: if the general election 2018 goes well,UMNO will be a sure lose

The reason is that we do not know that our minds have been entrapped, imprisoned.  used the metaphor that the Malays are like frogs under a coconut shell.The shell will topple one day, make no mistake about it. The question for our society is if we will topple the coconut shell our way, to minimise the collateral damage, or do we allow it to topple on its own and risk a disaster.”The US is isolated by its own privilege – being a dominant culture, most US citizens don’t learn other languages. They don’t watch films or read books from other peoples. They don’t follow political and social events of other societies – so, it’s easy to ‘otherise’ huge portions of humanity into reductionist, menacing categories.When aftershocks trembled through Aristotle’s law on prose is compelling: everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. I was rearranging my brain cells to deal with the difficult middle of a column in UMNO said Zaid Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of clean Good governance , and the bitter, toxic romance of corruption  was written on But as a sense of loss, and fear of the future, intensified, the ideas of exclusivity, separation and dream of dominance began to gather momentum in the 20th century.What is modernity? It has four non-negotiable pillars: democracy, which is impossible without free speech; freedom of faith; gender equality; and economic equity, through which the poor are the principal beneficiaries of economic growth.

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