Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ku Li:Najib's M'sia off course, heading towards crash doesn't seem to learn any lesson

It is beyond our comprehension why Najib One reason is that UMNO internal disturbances as their internal situation is very bad in wake of  Mahathir's terror attacks there and may be to divert the attention of the public,
Najib should be ready to suffer collateral damages if Mahathir side retaliates.
exactly for what you have said. UMNO BARU is racist, bigoted and corrupted beyond any hope. After losing out to Mahathir in party elections   the reality of the nation's dilemma but just voicing it may sound better than fellow Malaysians who are deemed pendatangs who are being threatened with all kinds of verbal accusation based on making the poor rural folks fearing their very own shadows. Facts and statistics are distorted just to stay in power to wipe the day-light out of this nation; while blaming the non-Malays of wanting to take over political power;!Two MAS air tragedies followed by Air-sia Indonesia QZ8501 in year 2014,landlslides in Cameron Highlands, massive flooding in Kelantan,Trengganu and Perak are divine signs that many things in Malaysia need to be rectified.Never in aviation history do we see so many air tragedies happening to a country in a year

Today, the PM ordered all his ministers to cancel their holidays and return to work.
Malaysia may be heading into a new year but we have deviated from the path of progress, and instead has been set back several decades, said Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.then,who is listening?His party is beyond redemption. He is waiting to pick up the pieces when the party implodes.It will be to late. Show some courage.Joint the opposition.
What Tengku Razaleigh said is totally correct. We are far behind our neighbours because some extremist groups that have created a lot of racial & religious tensions. Our politics have played have not played a good game for unity. In fact our politics have distant religious groups arising out of various issues. Our Government must be serious in solving the problem of extremism. Many are easily carried away by certain uncalled for statements which are very detrimental for the unity of the Rakyat.
In this age of smartphones and instant communications, did these ministers need to be told how bad the flood situation is and be told to come back to work?

The PM has also defended his golf jaunt. He misses the point of public service as do his ministers who have to be recalled to work.

If you have to be nudged to feel empathy and to be reminded that yours is a calling and not a job, then God help Malaysia.
.Malaysia's imminent destruction is irreversible.The seed of destruction was planted by MM & Umno when only supremacist bigots, Islamist, Perkasa, Isma,Hudud, extremist, "i am Malay first" racist & the corrupt rule with absolute power.It doesn't need an Einstein to know what is happening to Malaysia,once a land of milk & honey & a united nation of all races living in harmony which is the foundation for a peaceful & progressive nation.It's obvious that all indicators are pointing to the imminent destruction of this land:when the Golden Goose that lays the golden eggs is strangled to death:abused, suppressed & brain drain escalates by the hundred thousands and the illegal arrivals & exponential growth of the labourers & maids in tens of millions, when every institution is corrupt & collapsed,

An alphabet of hopes to make 2015 a better year for thee and me
Airlines should not fall into black holes.
umno should not send every other party into that same space.
Conversions/Corruption should go into that space.
Development should not.
Najib need not take advice fromRosmah on running Malaysia
Governance should get the promised precedence over government.
PAS should not lash us with a Hudhud.

Joe, awaken to the right causes; jihad, wage war on wrong ones.
Muhyiddin is making a mess of education, he should be sent out of klass.
LeT should let the world alone; Najib must stop being lucky.
Najib must remain Najib, the one we voted for.
‘Nonsense Mahathir’ is how Malaysians must dismiss’s pronouncements on the serious conspiracy and frivolous conspiracy theories.
Ordinance Patail should be junked.
Parliamentary rule must not.
Questioning and Queues are signs of a civilised society; ring them in.
Najib should no longer rob the UMNO name.
Scams should be gated.
PAS must be Talibanned. Perkasa too.
 Wake up, it’s a new year.
Alec Smart said: “Hope 2015 speeds us towards a 20-20 society.”Partners or Rivals for Power?

On Christmas Day, Muhyiddin said, “The PM is overseas, but I’m in charge here. I am running the country”. His comment is insignificant if taken as a single remark, because a deputy should take control, when his boss is away.

However, when other things are taken into consideration, it is an indication of the level of animosity between the two men and the swirling discontent within UMNO 

Ku Li:Najib's M'sia off course, heading towards crash doesn't seem to learn any lesson

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