Wednesday, December 24, 2014

PAS political ploy and strategic play.Why can’t Muslims convert?

Don’t play too much politic, PAS …. take care of flood victim and the welfare of rakyat !!! Otherwise you are gone how to convert from so called communal mindset to so called secular mindset ? read this article.a thought-provoking article. history is partly lies mixed with interesting anecdotes.the story of akbar is true. we wish to live in illusions and symbolic universes. but large scale conversions from hindus is a fact According to PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali, the Kelantan state government’s proposal to amend the hudud enactment on Dec 29 does not go against the agreements in Pakatan Rakyat.
If Putrajaya came second to Hudud, what is Pakatan Rakyat Alliance to PAS?…a vehicle to strenghten their ambition…. to make the whole of Malaysia a Muslim nation….this ambition is well ingrained in their deceptive brains. Allah is just an excuse to create PAS robots to serve without questioning ….democracy PAS way PERKASA, ISMA, JAIS, JAKIM, PAS Youth and other aggressive and confrontational religious organizations, we’ve a glimpse of the worst side of Hudud like accusing others of trying to convert Muslims, seizing religious books, banning words only for Muslim use, biased child custody battle, after-life body snatching and provoking other religions by ridiculous accusations. With PAS ultras showing their betrayals, no Malaysian in their sane mind would prefer any form of Hudud, be it UMNO’s nor PAS’sapostasy is punishable by death according to the pedo. Mohammad . that’s the reason no human being ( by birth Muslim ) can dare leave islam in any Islamic country . either one is a muslim or a human being , one can’t be both at the same time .
It was argued by one of their designated spokesman that we should not be afraid of the punishment set out in hudud. He said that it is very difficult to convict using the conditions set and this was why hardly anyone was stoned to death. But the judge could convert to a lesser charge….
where then is the justice that the ulamas were talking about ?
we never knew what religion we belong to when we were born and we follow the same steps as our parents thought us. when we start seeing and hearing the present facts we get the difference between the religions and different caste system being followed in the society. then we try searching for answers and dig into the history which we have never seen. its all places of worships,books that support the religious facts we can see in this world. no one knows where we go after we die. a dead human has never contacted a alive human in this world to describe what he experiences after death. but looking outside this earth we know there is a vast never ending universe with mysterious galaxies around us. there is someone who is a architect who has created all this for us. we in the name of god talk about conversions and differentiate the religious terms. we deny when someone opposes the clauses in the religious book like we had experienced it in the past. we were created to help each other and lead a peaceful life. we are responsible for all this and we have to be united to get rid of all this evil elements which hamper people’s people are following religions not god it seems….. if they do so they never talk about religion, or urges to join Islam or Christian or any other religion because they belongs to….. every religion is gold, religion is to show us the sinless,peace full path, where human stand for human. but people change its meaning completely… conversion never help to become human, it is just myth if you are Christian and converted to Islam you will get heaven. good human will get heaven belongs to any religion…the problem is different. the problem is that there is no conversion in Hinduism. conversion is a trait of Abrahamic religions. they clearly have terms like kafir and infidel/pagan to denote believers of other faiths. Look like Pas is prepared to dump everything for hudud. Trustworthiness, conscience, sincerity, brotherhood, principle, civilised, soul etc are no more important than hudud. Since they have came to this stage, then there is no better reasons for DAP and PKR to continue co-operate or associated with Pas. Let them and Umno to be remembered and recorded as the parties that responsible to bring in or implement hudud in our country.most atrocities were perpetuated by Hindus in the name of caste. that has kept the country backward. current stories blaming British or Muslim may make us feel good but are unrealistic given the sorry state of our society before that.
When the famous Pakistani cricket player-turned-playboy Imran Khan married Jemima Goldsmith in 1995, she converted to Islam. She was brought up as a Jew. She was just one example. In the first decade of the 21st century, more than one lakh people converted to Islam in Great Britain alone. Add to this the figures of other European countries, and you will get an idea of how conversions are becoming very normal, especially among non-Muslims.

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