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Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud said you're irresistible PM but should learn from my mother who allowed my freedom to choose.

As the monsoon caresses Malaysia with seasonal darkness, it’s remarkable how faint the rain song presents love, erotica — plus more — through rain-soaked songs As the monsoon caresses India with seasonal darkness, it’s remarkable how faint the rain song is in Bollywood today — a marked difference rain songs and wet saris were considered fundamentals of voyeuristic thrills. But  singing in the shower mirrored more than this — just like the drying-up of wet saris now reflects romance growing parched.

 Dyana - You can't teach an old UMNO-dog any new tricks, but you can teach the rest of the world all your ingenious plans and ideas for Malaysia - and the World ...
 Bravo, more youths like you should come forward and take to task elite politicians who have held the reigns of Government for more than half a century for leadership inadequacies in not realistically enabling progressive benchmarks in fundamental human rights like freedom of speech, association, to publish rights for Malaysians, especially its Youths. NOT FORGETTING THE INCREASING INEQUALITY IN INCOME AND WEALTH. Your mothers admonishment of Mr Najib is akin to alerting all individuals not to ludah di langit least it falls on once own face.

 Dyana, our salute you. Extremely well said, you actually floored him with his outdated thinking. You are an upcoming shining star, a future leader in the making, that Malaysians look forward to for continuous progressive, new ideas & inspirational PM Najib's idea of "freedom to choose" is simple. Choose BN and have freedom or choose Opposition and have "Sedition" charge on your head.You can't even control your wife... Instead Najib is under Rosmah's thumb!

 The fact that Dyana is still giving Najib stressful and sleepless night has proven that DAP fielding her was a masterstroke. Let's see more Dyanas in the future. Snake in the grassx is wrong, Dyana is a true young blood Malay, who shows that Malays can think for themselves. Sadly most elder politicians want Malays to follow and accept whtever is given to them. They are made think that the other races are a threat, while they themselves are being deprived of benefits due to them. She is a Malay who has woken up.It's time Najib Razak and some politicians in Malaysia grow up. If he does something good for the country during his term as PM, he does it as the PM of Malaysia, not as the leader of his political party and he should not ask anyone to be grateful to his party forever. Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th amendment to the US constitution to abolish slavery in 1865 as the President of US, not as a Republican. The Republican party would be asking African Americans today to be eternally grateful to it and ask them to "Republican-kan" their sons and daughters for the next 1000 years, which would be another form of enslavement, if it were to behave like Umno 
What is the secret that allows certain people to be more in control of their emotions than others and to keep their stress levels just right ?
Your self-image and what you convey about yourself to rest of the world influences perceptions and the ultimate reality about you!
I have great respect for people who manage to execute a total change in public perception, leading it to more positive and winning zones!  What’s not to admire about the changeover from ugly duckling (metaphorically speaking) to graceful swan, with all its attendant soul-searching and metamorphosing pangs? It certainly requires immense courage to look at yourself from an outside perspective, have the gumption to work on negatives; to actively project the positives, and finally emerge a winner! Years ago, actor Rekha worked hard not just to execute a 360-degree turn looks wise, but also to painstakingly cultivate a persona and sense of mystique that keeps her seductively enveloped and newsworthy till date.
I have seen a couple of examples in real life as well, but the phenomenon is rare enough to deserve applause. The event that triggered this thought process was Hillary Clinton’s recent town hall interview in Washington, broadcast worldwide. Gone is the uptight humourless, diffident Senator and later Secretary of State Clinton talking from a distance. In her place was a relaxed, warm, confident-in-her-skin Hillary accepting questions with a smile and answering them honestly. Indeed, in the digital age, Hillary has embraced new media effectively to get a swift makeover and reach out to the youth in an ageless maneuver!
Whether or not Hillary decides to take a go at breaking the Presidential glass ceiling for the most important job in the world, her journey from cheated wife to Presidential hopeful, to Secretary of State, to chilled-out model for women, has been a pleasure to watch!
At the CNN interview, Hillary was asked by a student to describe herself in three words.  “Oh my gosh!” Hillary laughed. “Oh wow. Well, it would depend upon the mood I was in. Some days it’s a little less favorable than other days.”  Then came the three words – Intense. Passionate. Service-minded. That’s how she has tried to live her life, she said, admitting, “sometimes just like every other human being, I’m disappointed in what I did or didn’t do.” In those days she has “less happy” words to describe herself!
And then Hillary said something that seems a direct learning from her own experience and response to public criticism. Addressing young women and men, but particularly women for when they get into the public arena, she said, “I think it’s very important for you to take criticism seriously but not personally. And don’t let yourself get pulled down by other people’s opinions, because I think what you think about yourself, what you say to others about yourself, really does affect how you present yourself, and eventually, who you are.”
Indeed, so true! By being well aware of our own selves, our triggers and aspirations, we can project the image we wish the world to see. Hillary herself is a living example of this principle. Far from allowing herself to be pulled down by jibes and criticisms, she has used them as a springboard to improve and catapult herself to greater heights. What others say about us becomes irrelevant in the face of the confident foot we set forward and our self-belief.
If we are able to convey our self-perception effectively to the world, it fast becomes our identity and calling card – and eventually, our reality – who we really become! And so the power is in our hands; we are responsible for who we are and what we make of our lives. Marketing guru Shama Hyder talking of Hillary’s smart digital moves says, “Today, participating in digital media isn’t a choice. Your digital footprint is created regardless of your participation, and any smart politician knows that it is best to help curate that image vs. leaving others to define it for you.” So as on digital, Hillary exhorts youngsters in real life as well, to put that message you wish to convey out into the Universe!
Finally to conclude, Hillary said, “I try to practice what is called the discipline of gratitude — so I’m grateful.” And that she says is her one word for herself!
How do some people manage to remain calm always? It seems nothing can faze them; they are able to manage their emotions and remain stoic.Sangfroid. An enviable state of calm even under the most trying circumstances! This is a quality common to most high performers and to those who lead steady personal lives and end up earning better than others!
In fact, most inter-personal problems, be it at home, work or outside, occur when we are unable to control our emotions at a critical time!
Stress causes any number of problems and leads to ailments such as hypertension, heart attacks, depression, obesity, diabetes, and now they say, even Vitamin D deficiency! It is critical to handle stress. Some amount of it is known to have a positive impact — most of us who work against tight deadlines know that our best work is under immense pressure! However take too much stress and you are in for big trouble!
Experts have found that stress destroys those cells in our brain that are responsible for self-control, and so makes it impossible for us to handle our own emotions!
What is the secret that allows certain people to be more in control of their emotions than others and to keep their stress levels just right? Highly successful people are known to have a high emotional quotient apart from other abilities. Here are some habits observed in most successful people and which we could all learn from!
Focus; don’t get distracted
People with high EQ learn the art of focus – one issue at a time. Keeping several windows open simultaneously is a great cause of stress. It is better to park other issues in separate bays to be revisited later. So you remain in the present and let the past and future take care of themselves – a great way to reduce stress!
Don’t look for trouble; stay positive!
While it is important to be aware of all that could go wrong and taking due precautions, high performers do not usually remain focused on what could go wrong! This only raises stress levels as we worry about all the pitfalls. It helps to keep up a positive flow of energy by remaining focused on the goal in a meaningful, positive fashion.
Fight back; don’t give up!
There are times when everything seems to be working against us. You reach a point when you almost give up. This is the point that clearly distinguishes the non-achiever from the achiever. While the former will cave in and bury his head in the sand, the latter uses this point as the spur he needs to fight back with his last reserves and emerge the winner!
Take another Look!
When surrounded by an issue, sometimes we allow it to assume unnaturally large proportions. At that point it is important to distance yourself and shift perspectives. Just as sleeping over a problem makes it look much smaller and easier next morning, so shifting perspectives sometimes helps us place the issue in a certain context that may unravel new dimensions.
Be aware; Be prepared.
Knowledge is power; equip yourself with good reading, understanding and awareness. Also, anyone looking for a stress-free life, needs to be prepared for stressful times as well. Keep support systems in place. It is not humanly possible to do everything and be everywhere yourself.
Carve out happy times!
You need to set time aside to relax and be happy with your loved ones. Nothing recharghes you or inspires you more than a relaxed time spent with those you trust and care for.
Sleep. Exercise. Meditate
These commandments are directly from Travis Bradberry, author ofEmotional Intelligence 2.0. He stresses the importance of sleep in increasing your emotional intelligence and managing stress levels by recharging the brain. “Your self-control, attention, and memory are all reduced when you don’t get enough—or the right kind—of sleep.” Bradberry also offers the breathing technique as a stress buster. When things get too much, close your door, sit back and focus on your breathing, he advises. It helps calm you down and puts things in perspective.
Stop beating yourself! It’s alright!
You are the message you send out into the world. Stop thinking negative or less about yourself. Give yourself positive self-strokes. Let your thoughts and positivity energize you and allow your positive self-image to become the reality! If things still go wrong, know there is always another time; it isn’t the end of the world!

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