Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Utusan Awang Selamat exposes Japanese some crazy Orgy sex party Photos

In an editorial by Awang Selamat – a pseudonym for the newspaper’s editors – today, the daily said Ozawa did not coOrgymplain about her entry ban when it was imposed in 2009.
Ozawa was to star in an Indonesia comedy titled, ‘Menculik Miyabi’ that year. After the ban, filmmakers shot her scenes in Tokyo.
“Awang is impressed with Ozawa’s openness even though she is labelled immoral because of her career. A porn star knows better in accepting reality,” 
 let’s talk about sex, Baby.
JAPANESE  Porntastic ways to reignite passion
From the latest information in the papers, it appears that watching porn is not illegal, but sharing porn is. I’m not quite sure what that means. Does it mean that lending your porn CD to friends is illegal? Does it also mean that you can watch it alone, but not with your spouse or partner? It’s worth finding out! The breakdown in most marriages occurs when sex becomes boring. Couples feel neglected, unattractive and the threat of infidelity looms large. Of course there are many ways of keeping the flame alive, from sexy lingerie, new forms of foreplay that go beyond the predictive routine of spot 1, spot 2, spot 3... ! Sometimes it’s a couple’s holiday free of the stress of daily monotony and routine, or perhaps some infuse passion through a contact sport or hobby involving touch like dancing, swimming, kick boxing, massage etc. But for many that don’t have the time or energy or creativity to re-ignite the spark or keep the bonfire going, watching porn together is another much used medium. I have a lot of women friends that hate the fact the fact their men secretly watch porn. They feel they are not attractive or exciting enough and some feel it’s akin to cheating. I say share the joy. If watching porn as a couple is legal, I would suggest making the solo dance into a duet and infuse the dying embers with a good dose of fire.  But it would be prudent of me to advice that you never praise those surgically enhanced body parts on screen in a manner that would make your partner feel uncomfortable about their own body, and most importantly, if you make your own home videos, please delete them immediately after. Enough articles abound on jilted partners misusing such stuff. Stay passionate, stay safe!
Like British television’s Channel 4 plans to, all this month, with its ‘Real Sex’ season. They want to help Britain regain 'a healthy perspective on sex, in a world where pornography, fantasy and fetish are considered the norm by many.' They aren’t the only ones concerned. That rather frightening public service message showing a young girl browbeaten into sex by her equally young but angry, confused boyfriend is everywhere right now. As parents and schools shrug off the responsibility of teaching their children about the birds and the bees (one awkward, coldly clinical discussion with your preteen does NOT sex education make, I’m afraid). This toughest of jobs, the most important of jobs, is left to the irresponsible media and the profiteering sex industry. What do kids learn as a result? That sex is dark, dirty and deviant. And if you aren’t clubbing your partner into acquiescence it’s not much fun. 
Boys learn that girls who say no really mean yes and to keep hitting her till she agrees, slips into a coma or dies. Whatever happens, they can then have some fun with her. Girls learn to shut up and take it, or “no” might be their last word ever. Worse, they begin to believe they want it too. And in that way. readmore

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