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Dr Ling calls AG a ‘stupid fellow is good for "Comedy Circus' maker" the Attorney General hasthe right to remain silent

Why are the bloody MPs keeping. This treason of the highest order an unforgiveable betrayal of trust voters reposed in themThis has been morally degrading and has turned politics predatory. But things still remained functional. Till prosperity threw up a body of people whose progress in life has little to do with state patronage and who thus resent being subjected to poor governance and extortion.
Any institution, whether party or government, demands the stability of an uncontroversial script, or the comfort of silence from geniuses who can never find an equitable balance between their self-estimation is a sharp and well-read politician, except when his tongue goes to his head. He has been a good , a former transport minister,, willing to stand his ground and even take a risk or two

A severe, trite, authentic case made by a journalist not just from your fraternity but from your office, the office that for over 12 years has been emblematic of unflinching, investigative journalism is mulled over at a pace that defies your very etymological origin  is this your way of acting correctly?Neither one of you has offered any rationale about why your office does not  examines cases  which is mandated by  Court judgment in correct correct correct  case. How have you acted correctly?Your statement – that you “need time prioritize it,” – does not even make sense – for prioritizing it would mean acting without lapse in time – self contradictory statements such as this have the media, and the ever watchful readership waiting in abeyance while you prioritize, or rather think about acting correctly!If you are, as you say, ‘driven by what she wants’ then how can you follow it up with a statement such as, “(he) stepped down. It was something had not asked for. It was much more than what she wanted.” How sardonically heroic for to give  so much more – a self-contrived temporary vacation to get away from the eye of the storm – for what he ‘in his correct senses’ deems as ‘drunken banter’ and a ‘lapse of judgment’ the Attorney General  should read and understand Article 145(3) of the Malaysian Constitution Unholy Trinity of Mahathir, the AG and the MACC  Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail for malicious prosecution.

. But collective responsibility demands caution: you have to keep space between your blow-drier and your brain.Mahathir  may even have been right , but he was wrong to say what was right.Despite his penchant for the unusual,Dr Ling, a former transport minister, has been a far more careful politician, sticking to his responsibilities at some cost to his individuality.
Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik spoke with passion rather than anger, with force and with seeming conviction. He sought to communicate a new commitment to change the party and its working, so as to build a more empowered India that stays true to its tradition of respect for diversity instead of straying into the majoritarian bylanes to darkness.which required better acting from the irrepressible. Politics is carbon-dated by events, not time.Mahathir Partnerships need tensile strength to survive misunderstandings when suspicion warps a relationship into a tangential curve. Mercury rather than blood flows through the vein of public life; politics is very human and turbulent, and ego floats beyond the reach of rational discourse.Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail brought charges against Dr Ling and another former transport minister, Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy, for cheating the government over the PKFZ project. Both were later acquitted.said it before andTun Dr Ling Liong Sik say it again- AG Gani Patail is a liability to this government

The best politicians like Tun Mahathir and Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik  are very talented, but often that blessing is flecked with problems characteristic of a maverick. The big chiefs like talent in their subordinates, but squirm at its attendant frailties. Bright sparks tend to possess an implacable desire to place a mirror before stupidity. The reverse mirror, however, displays a more provocative facet. Jealousy and intrigue are companions of ambition; if the talented were not ambitious, they would not be in politics. Gani, squeeze najib’s balls harder and the matter would be put to restt Silence is golden for all. Najib will do nothing since AG has Najib’s marbles in his hand on many issues including Altantuyu & submarine controversy. 
a nation led by thieves and plunderersEx-Attorney-General Talib should aim his questions to not only Gani, his successor, but also the Government led by Datu Seri Najib. ” Elegant silence ” on the part of all Ministers and AG is not an option. The loss of territory, Pulau Batu Puteh , is of national interest, urgent and important. The poor show at the International Court of Justice is a shame. How could our leaders treat this sovereignty of Pulau Batu Puteh so very lightly? And most surprisingly, the Home Minister requires a Police Report while the SD is a sworn statement by ex-CId man! Is the HM trying to erase the issue from the public domain? Undoubtedly, this is a hot potato; nobody like sto touch it! But the peopel of Malaysia, and especially teh HRH the Sulktan of Johore, have a strong interest By calling the AG by the ex-AG is barking up the wrong tree! He should have directed the issue to the PM .Talk to the father, and not the son o r the servant, please! Note that you could not hookwink the ICJ ! MPs speak out. Why are they so silence? Does it means treason is accepted to all BN representatives? Malaysians have to remember this when the vote in future
 It appears to be common practice for the AG’s Chambers to use material of dubious reliability from the internet sources to support their cases.Silence ‘not an option’, ex-AG Abu Talib tells Gani Former attorney-general Abu Talib Othman is urging his successor Abdul Gani Patail to answer allegations against him over the Pulau Batu Puteh debacle.
So what do you think Attorney General  is  made of? The zeal to help, to uplift the judiciary, to learn governance if they haven’t, and proclaim publicly that it is not for the lust of power? No it is for self-serving goals, loyalties for sheer benefit, clubbing on to an ideology so as to move down the dissenters. Do we play for the game, or do we play rather aggressively for our own innings?  Both, you may say, but if it comes to elimination of one of the two, self-serving goals are preferred, perhaps wiser.Democracy, in its conceptual principles gives one the right to choose, but disturbingly from the lot that is already chosen. Can’t say that money, muscle and manipulation do not go in all that, and putting it bluntly, why should one who has all this not use it for his purpose? The answer is that he probably would, if he found someone more deserving. No harm at all in believing we all are immortals, because when the inevitable happened, no one came back to say, just to say that it was indeed not so.What comes around goes around Best option is for him is to resign or sue 

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