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 the tragedy of the times we live in. 

Democracy cannot survive in an environment of indiscipline, contempt for the rule of law and lack of respect for law enforcement agencies. In some of the western democracies, an unmanned STOP signboard at a road junction is good enough for every driver to stop the vehicle and proceed even though the road may be empty. Try ignoring the signboard and without an exception the cop will get you from where you don’t know. You can be rest assured that you will be punished on the spot. The so called tip doesn’t work there.
Collusion of the politician, bureaucracy, businessmen, the law and investigating agencies against the interest of the country and people is nothing short of treason. By involving the bureaucracy and the investigating agencies in wrong doings, what message are we sending to these government servants and agencies? What respect will they have for those who demand such acts of misdeeds of them and for those in authority? What moral authority will the government have to point a finger at these agencies and officials when they commit grave impropriety?
Our parliamentary system of governance has failed the people especially the poor. It is time we revisited our constitution.
My suggestion to the Home Minister or IGP is to be magnanimous about this matter and let the student go, albeit with a warning not to repeat his foolish act. You would come out of this matter looking good instead of constantly shooting yourselves in the feet. We should accept that these kind of acts are part and parcel of a democratic process. If mooning, burning of photos, effigies and flags are jailable offences, every prison in democratic countries worldwide would be filled to full capacity.
Which is more sacred here? a Mosque or pics of Najib and Rosmah? a Mosque in Alor Star was attack by pro-Umno supporters yet not a single word came out from the govt and PDRM went overdrive forming even a special team to investigate and now have arrested the guy mooning on Najib n Rosmah pics upon being instructed by Home Minister. If Najib n Rosmah pics are more sacred than Mosque then I do not know what to say anymore. So, let listen to what our Muftis, Hassan Ali, young and old Umno Ulamak have to comment about this matte 

anyone has the photos of LGE and Ambiga incident ? if it can zoom in to clearly show faces of those involved, why don’t we report to same police station, have same Mr. Ku take charge of investigation or making press statement ?Definitely no charges as the student has not broken the law. They are merely planninfg to cook up under which law to charge all because of pressure from BN.
  Baljit, before you open your mouth when did the student ever say they wanted to replace the flag? Your opinion is highly suspect especially when you commented that being bound over for rape is a “heavy” penalty.Other butt dancers on Ambiga and LGE get away with crime. But this particular butt dancer is arrested must be because he had done it on Najib. Inconsistency in applying the law is noted. But let’s see the punishment that will be imposed on him. A bowler escaped punishment recently for having sex with an underage girl, because that bowler has a bright future according to the judge. Will the same argument applies to this student.If the CID chief Ku is a righteous man he will just release this young man but if he insists on charging him then he should charge all those veterans who showed their butt to Ambiga! if you don”t then you are all cowards and don’t fit to serve the people! In fact, you will be forever cursed ! PDRM’s CID chief Ku Chin Wah playing politics. He said, “We want (to complete) the investigations and close the chapter.” Why did you not spring to act against all those scumbags that did their buttock show in front of Dato Ambiga’s home? Words fail me the disgust building up with these selective persecutions.


IGP: Seizing reporters’ cameras not police SOP

S Pathmawathy

5:31PM Apr 30, 2012
This contradicts the home minister’s claim, in relation to the seizure of journalists’ equipment at the Bersih 3.0 rally.
Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the confiscation of memory cards and cameras belonging to newsmen during the Bersih 3.0 rally were part of the police’s standard operating procedure (SOP).
What an idiotic reasoning! This show the mentality of our senior minister. Being part of an SOP doesn’t make it right. This SOP belongs to the MAFIA!
Does that means punching, kicking and stomping are also the SOP of our PDRM POLICE?
A Kugan was reported collapsed to Death while in Malaysian Police Custody on Tuesday 20th January 2008. He suspected as Car Theft and arrested in Sg Chua Kajang. The family members wasn’t inform on his arrest and only notified about his dead some 5 hours later.
Family members whom were there with assistance of Foreign News Videographer took Video and Photos of Their 22 years old son.
Kugan Death body found with Blood stain , cuts and severe tougher marks. Police however claim his dead due to fluid in lung that sparks public outcry. Details visit
and last but not least, just in case you do not know, which is probably the case cos you are a dumbfuck, he is just a detainee…he has not even been charged or found guilty by the courts…therefore, by virtue of old common law maxim..he is still innocent until proven guilty…
letting real MURDERER slip,  could it be something smelly and fishy…
Five Thai nationals were sentenced to five years in prison yesterday for the murder of a Malaysian youth who was beaten to death while on holiday from his studies at a British university.relatedarticle
I refer to the Bersih 3.0 rally and the BN government’s high-handed and brutal action against the media. We have uncovered further evidence indicating that the orders to harass, obstruct and arrest journalists covering the Bersih 3.0 rally came from the highest levels of the Home Ministry.
On 27.4.12, the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein Onn had ordered all Chief Editors of major dailies to appear before him. We are informed that at the meeting instructions were given on how to report the news on the Bersih rally on 28.4.12, and that the editors were asked to refrain from reporting on police brutality.
It is extremely disturbing that one day after this meeting, journalists trying to record police misconduct were brutalized in an unprecedented manner. The police appear to have been carrying out the wishes of the Home Minister.
Until now, no explanation has been given by the PM, Home Minister or IGP on the police attacks upon the media. Hishamuddin’s answer that seizure of press photographers’ equpiment was standard operating procedure is a shocking admission of illegality and unlawful conduct by the police.
Greater freedom of press a sham
This is also a serious attack by the BN upon press freedom. Under our democratic system, the Home Minister has no business dictating to the media on what they can or cannot report.
Prime Minister Najib Razak’s pretence of amending the PPPA 1984 in order to allow more press freedom is now exposed as a great sham. We call upon Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein to reveal within 24 hours, full details of the instructions given to the media at the meeting.
We further demand that Najib and Hishamuddin explain and answer for the brutal and organized police attacks upon the media and the public on 28/4.
N Surendran is the PKR vice president
REMEMBER the Julio Inglesias or Willie Nelson redition of TO ALL THE GIRLS I LOVED BEFORE?
Well, let me change it to ALL THE FLIES I SWAT BEFORE….I posted this comment a few hours ago:
“Wow, this and the previous post attracted a lot of flies. I deleted some of it because some of it may hurt some sensitivities. But I had a good laugh before I deleted them. You see, that is one way to not use a fly swatter.”
You see, one of the virtues credited to me is that I am not vindictive. My convictions are not necessarily the best. I am willing to listen to the rest. But if somebody comes up with the truth, I will accept it as the consensus. If I am wrong I will admit it. Until one of you can come up with a recording of what Anwar and Azmin said that could have provoked the crowd I will accept it as hearsay. Come on guys, you with your smart phones compared to my Rm90 Nokia that survived a few spins in the washing machine….surely one of you recorded what they said. So don’t get on to the bandwagon for a free ride. Give me proof that they did provoke and I guarantee you that we will start the crucifixion process! For the moment, I dedicate this post to those flies whom I had no choice but to swat because here is the proof:
IGP Contradicts Hishamemudin.
Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar has clarified that confiscating memory cards and cameras belonging to journalists is not part of the police standard operating procedure (SOP).
This contradicts Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein’s claim that the seizure of journalists’ equipment while covering Saturday’s Bersih 3.0 rally was part of police SOP.
Sorry yah lalat…..I really am not a vindictive guy…..until I am convinced. The IGP convinced me
It is rather surprising that Baljit Singh Sidhu, a criminal lawyer, does not reason his arguments well. Take his contradictory statement: “while he saw no “impartiality” in the action of the police, he felt that if the case went to court, lawyers would question the apparent “preferential treatment” for the Najib case.” He saw no fault but other lawyers may. He is so afraid to hit out at the obvious wrong of the authorities that he cowardly uses the third party, ‘other lawyers’ to say his piece. Waving the Sang Saka Malaya flag is not a crime. Period. There was nothing said about replacing the Malaysian flag. So how come a criminal lawyer like him who should be extremely exacting on firm proof of evidence before he shoots off that it is illegal? Though I am no lawyer but I find most lawyers are prudent enough before giving opinion, they speak under certain conditions and circumstances. Is this the type of criminal lawyer we have in the country?Stop the harassment. Why no action taken when it comes to Umno samsengs who did much worse including violence against those seen as opposition supporters and damaging properties? PDRM should not let themselves be seen as Umno goons if they want the public to respect them. Enough is enough. There’s such thing as overkill you know.
 CID Chief Ku Chin Wah, I pray that God will show you his wrath for your selective arrest of that student, remember your son died in a tragic death it could be your past bad actions against innocent suspects, this time it could well be you who may suffer the same tragic accident, the choice is in your hands as you shall reap what you sow now.
Gerakan is doing Cosmetics changes while Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
These are important issues, and MCA cannot claim not to know. Or is Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin creating a smokescreen?
If we cannot build a new Chinese school, can we build a branch school? The ‘number’ of schools will still the same, or otherwise the DPM is trying to make things difficult and lacks sincerity.
Alternatively, we must also work with Pakatan Rakyat. Only when we change the government will we have a new policy. As is getting so usual with non-Umno parties in BN, their leaders cannot make a simple statement on behalf of their party and community without being apologists for Umno’s abuses and discriminating policies.redentials of the PR state government and clear the path of a return of the BN state government that caused the problems in the first place, will ulitmately depend on the voters.REAMORE
There’s a method in the police madness we witness everyday, all around us. Like all methods born out of certain conditions, the police syndrome too comes from the force’s hubris, deep-rooted conservatism, and its abiding faith in the notion of patriarchy. Even in saner times, the ordinary citizen wouldn’t hold the police in great esteem, perceived more as a legion guarding VIPs and VVIPS, than you and me. But these are extraordinary times scaling the heights of madness. The ubiquitous third eye of the camera hovering over us, every second day is throwing up disturbing visuals of police aggression and violence; of their intrusion into people’s private spaces and their wielding a patriarch’s ‘moral’ lathi.
Recently Mumbai and Pune have figured as some of their favourite hunting grounds. When ACP Vasant Dhoble shot to fame brandishing his hockey stick as a weapon of intimidation, barging into bars and restaurants, Mumbaikars came out on the roads and held marches protesting such bullying and uncivilized behaviour. But the political establishment, barring the Shiv Sena (which had its own petty axe to grind), rallied around Dhoble. It was as if the fabled city of Mumbai, the dream of many poets, and authors, the site of social reforms and radical movements, has been ensnared in a deadly trap set by the very institutions meant to ensure the freedom of its citizens.
The alarming thing about such incidents lies in their multiplicity, their unfailing ability to reproduce the terror through many wings of the state and its institutions. Not one, but many ‘Dhobles’ appear to be strutting around the streets, waiting to strike at the unsuspecting citizen or the reveller. Just a couple of days ago, the police broke up a party in Pune’s Maya Lounge, manhandling the participants. It was the second such incident in a fortnight, the police taking action against a party, they claimed, was illegal. Their extraordinary alibi: Maya Lounge’s eatery license had expired several months ago. So, you beat up and humiliate the partygoers? Instead of taking necessary legal action, you penalize the revellers?
What kind of a bizarre argument is that? Using redundant laws to target ‘Others’ is an old tactic of stakeholders with a committed interest in preserving the old power structures. It’s even more frightening that older people are not the only puritanical and conservative lot, who are even outright regressive in their notions. Large sections of the young are following in their footsteps. The motives are diverse: young politicians prefer to nurture regressive casteist, patriarchal set-ups to win elections and keep themselves in power. Hence, all the hemming and hawing: the sidestepping of controversies. There’s been no generational shift in terms of radical ideas. The recent rulings by Haryana khaps instructing young women not to carry mobile phones or go out alone went uncontested by the young MPs from this region. Some obliquely, and others not so obliquely, defended the khaps.

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