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After Dr M's SLAP IN THE FACE, can Sabahans expect any justice from Najib's RCI
sincerely hope Sabahans will throw out BN/UMNO for good no matter what Najib offers. His attitude of you help me I help you does not work in his favour anymore. All are lies from a confirmed False Democrat. Sabahans are not stupid to fall for his lies. Bersih on Merdeka Day. Count me in and let’s see if they are going to fire on us with water cannon and tear gas in this Ramadan month. For the Merdeka countdown, all must go with yellow T-shirts for the Merdeka celebration. When the government can play politics, the rakyat also can play politics.The BN government should use ‘Janji to Tipu Lagi’ as their slogan – this will be much more appropriate and believable and hence attract a much greater number of patriotic Malaysians.Christian Pastors, please pray and must do ground work, and that will help to make change for the better. Make sure money from the corrupt doesn’t fill to the brim.SHORT TERM GAIN BUT LONG TERM SUFFERING FOR GENERATIONS NON-STOP! Let us patriotic Malaysians have the largest-ever Merdeka celebration on our National Day. Let’s Bersih on Merdeka Day. you can’t fault what these guys are trying to achieve. An oppressed human spirit will return with a vengeance. A sea of yellow listening to poetry on the eve of Merdeka DayRazak using NECC changed M’sia in 1970′s and NEP etc hijacked fairness to poor , all as humans and M’sia became an apartheid country lah. and umno & BN cronies enriched themselves till today, but you still have lots of malays, chinese, indians , orang asli ,natives in E.Mal who remain poor as they aren’t croniesNajib, you have repaid us handsomly by selling the nation defend secret to foreigner, buying unsinkable submarine so that you can receive handsome bonus, killing unborn child and Korean woman with C4 bomb, buying $24million diamond ring, promises us that Malaysia can become one (one Malaysia) never happens, tried to silent demonstration for fair election Bersih and many others. Thankyou for your inaction. Just Fuck off.You are supposed to be the prime minister of Malaysia, but you are ignorant even of Malaysia’s basic history. Sabah DID NOT join Malaysia. Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya GOT TOGETHER TO FORM Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak were to be equal partners of Malaya and Singapore, but your Umno broke the agreement and the two states became colonies instead. Sabah’s decision to be a partner in the entity that was to be formed greatly contributed to the economy—the economy of West Malaysia. You have stolen Sabah’s wealth. Most people know it has become the poorest state. There is no point for you to keep lying to Sabahans. They know now that you are a liar. They know now that all these years they have been screwed by the BN.Too Little Too Late! Why make promises now after 50 years of exploiting Sabah? Only idiots will believe him.
No point closing the gate after the kambing have escaped. The only advice I can offer you is: go on TV, confess all your crimes, beg the rakyat’s forgiveness, and then be man enough to face the consequences. Only then will you stand a tiny chance of regaining your credibility and the people’s respect. Your Father did took over the PM post after pushing Tunku after May 13. Yet He was humble serve the nation of all race fairly.Many in UMNO was mostly of teachers like Gaffar Baba with simple life style work for the Rakyat.After the 4 PM all things when hay hire.Now UMNO goons are so corrupt,cornies,abuse of power with bilion.millions.Now its all selfserving in UMNO namely Like Illegal IC citizen in millions.Only under presure now that sabah is for Sabahan wants want RCI over donkeys years and most of all why is SABAH the poorest state in Malaysia over 50 years with that much recourse oil and gas timber yet no good rood ,Infrastructure,sabahan papa poor esp MUSA and UMNO goons.Rather face UMNO let Sabah party govern the state as well take over the issue RCI like the immigration under their control.After 50 years stop pleading you do not derserve such call and Sabahan should shoot you off rightwayYou Help Me I screw You! that is the real thing. Going there to offset Anwar’s trip. Perhaps he will get the immigration authorities to ban Pakatan people and send them back to KL. After all mongolian records can be wiped out before. Malaysia Boleh!
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad Anak Lelaki Iskandar Kutty of humble peasant origins in Kerala, India has done it again!
He has shot himself in the foot, as usual, and this time by pontificating sanctimoniously on the issue of citizenship in Malaysia.
Patently, it’s not fair to the Malayalees who so far have been considered people with more than their fair share of grey matter. Mahathir is giving them a stink that they can no longer bear. They should seriously consider ex-communicating him from the tribe as someone who has unfortunately inherited the worst of both worlds i.e. the Malayalee and the Malay.
There has always been something more than warped logic about Mahathir, twisted being the term that readily springs to mind. This can be put down to the fact that he doesn’t have his head screwed on quite right and this is reflected in his personality and character being chronically under-developed, having never really arisen from the sub-human sub-species level.
Illegal immigrants in heaven right now after Mahathir
The illegal immigrants in the country meanwhile feel that they are in heaven right now, Mahathir’s words bringing great comfort to them, being sweet music to the ears. They know who to “vote’ for come the 13th General Election which must be held by April/May next year but can be delayed until Oct/Nov 2013 if Parliament’s five-year term expires without dissolution.
Until now, the illegal immigrants have been inclined to heed Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s warning to them not to take part in the voting process, and in return, they won’t be deported unceremoniously WHEN the ruling party in Putrajaya tumbles, as expected, from power.
The members of the Election Commission – keepers of the cleanest electoral rolls in the world — have also been living thus far in fear that the illegals won’t come out to vote and that means they will be hung soon from the ceremonial lamp posts lining the roads in Putrajayareadnore

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