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Adai Shaik Hussein Mydin Kutty Experimental AIDS vaccine 'works in UMNO monkeys'

UMNO'S UTUSAN Scientists and Philosophers actively developing a practical approaches to a modern day "Islamic Religion Divides and rule


Fear is, and has always been, the hallmark of political tactics. The people will only willingly submit to tyranny if they are made to believe that without government a fearful state of affairs might obtain. No other emotion can bypass rational argumentation, grab allegiance and push people to violence like fear. he always remind me not be vulgar but street is my university ,

The most Unfit Prime Minister says if let needle you in the front i promise to 
needle you at your bud

When I look at Najib, Muhyiddin, Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali - all those bombastic self-proclaimed Ketuanan Malay “leaders,” I do think of Hang Tuah! Huh! All they remind
AIDS has killed more than 25 million people worldwide [EPA]
An experimental vaccine has helped monkeys with a form of the AIDS virus control the infection for more than a year, suggesting it may lead to a vaccine for people, US researchers have said.
The vaccine works by priming the immune system to quickly attack the HIV virus when it first enters the body, a point at which the virus is most vulnerable, US researchers said in a study published in the journal Nature on wednesday.
Doctor Louis Picker of the Oregon National Primate Research Center said he thinks it will be possible to have a vaccine ready to test in people within three years.
"We feel it has a possibility of keeping the virus under complete control or clearing the virus," Picker said.
Tests of the vaccine with a primate version of the virus called simian immunodeficiency virus showed more than half were able to keep the virus from replicating so that even the most sensitive tests could not detect any traces of the virus.
So far, the vast majority of the vaccinated monkeys have maintained control over the virus for more than a year, gradually losing any signs that they had ever been infected.
Picker and colleagues use a relatively harmless virus called cytomegalovirus (CMV) as a transport system to take the experimental vaccine into the body.
Virus stopped
They chose it because scientists think most people are already infected with CMV - a virus that remains in the body for life but causes little or no symptoms for most people.
Picker said because the virus is persistently present, it keeps the immune system on alert, ready to attack the virus as it first enters the body, when the virus is thought to be less impervious to the immune system.
"The virus comes in and can be basically stopped in its tracks," Picker said.
The human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS infects 33.3 million people globally, according to the United Nations agency UNAIDS.
It has killed more than 25 million people.
Because it is spread in so many ways, there is no single easy way to prevent infection so a vaccine is the best hope, and many drug companies and scientific research groups are working on various ways to try to develop one

About thick-skinned politics

And the tyrants looked at them and desired what they owned
And plotted and planned to take it.
“Dispossess them!”
“Massacre them!”
“Use all necessary force to bring them to submission!”
And the dispossessed cried for mercy.
Yet, no one heard.
“ reformasi” They yelled.
And the tyrants cried “ISA THEM KUGAN THEM!”
“Starve and beseige them!”
“Use all necessary force to bring them to submission!”
And to the world the tyrants raged: “Security!”
And the sycophants cried in defense of the tyrants.
Then Conscience spoke and asked.
“Who will secure the starved, beseiged and dispossessed?”

Their newspaper played with fire based on unsubstantiated blog posts, and now the owners are blaming others for their own indiscretion.'

'Christian-state row a trap for Umno'Penang Umno Youth chief Shaik Hussein Mydin says, "It is easy to link the matter with Umno but we can also accuse the DAP. Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi was there at the closed-door meeting, not us. How did the information get out?" the culprit becomes the victim. Umno walked into a trap sprung by the DAP and ended up as dead meat. That makes the home minister... well, he's even more stupid than I thought. Hey, who is the victim here - PM Najib Razak, Islam, Malays, the Christian church, Lim Guan Eng, DAP or Umno?I have a simpler explanation to help Shaik Hussein out of his predicament to save his brains from overheating. Gremlins in Umno have been throwing sand into the wind at their opponents and the sand is blown right back into their faces.
 The more Umno is trying to rationalise their blunder, the more Malaysians will be pissed. Their newspaper played with fire based on unsubstantiated blog posts, and now the owners are finding all means to blame others for their own indiscretion. An apology would be better received.: "The trap, he (Sheikh Hussein) claimed, was hatched by certain quarters who stand to benefit from the controversy, to run down his party (Umno)'s image."
Really? Blame it on Utusan Malaysia and pro-Umno bloggers. Umno minister Hishammuddin Hussein should also be blamed because he supported the Utusan report without first finding out if it was true. Are you guys shooting at each other feet or what?
This is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory put forward ever. So now Utusan is helping DAP trap Umno - wow, that is truly a new one. Also it is good to see that Umno for once is behaving more like a good opposition. However, their current elected reps are acting more like clowns. Shaik Hussein, if your conspiracy theory is true, that only leaves us with two possible conclusions.
1) Umno is run by a bunch of idiots as the left hand obviously doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and both are in it for showmanship. That spells danger for those who still think Umno can produce quality leaders to run the country. If they can't get the party in order, how are they going to run the country?
2) Umno is outdated and can't keep up with the time. This is clear case of failure to multitask hence everyone running round doing their own things while the cumbersome and slow leadership can only afford to address one issue at a time. Not only is it not proactive, it is reactive and faced with problems, it just froze and act defensive, like a roadkill before being run over by a truck.
 This is the classic case of a thief who tries to scale and enter a victim's house with ropes. When he entangles himself with his own ropes in trying to enter the house, he accuses the house owner of trying to hang him.
How ingenuous can these fools be in trying to extricate themselves. The rakyat will give you more ropes to hang yourselves.
 Now we get another spin or is it damage control? Even the home minister has mellowed in his statement; and now wants to find out why Utusan wrote the article. Had it been Sin Chew Daily, the top management would be called up and the editor sacked and the newspaper threatened with suspension of its publishing licence.
Remember the Sin Chew reporter who was locked up under ISA under the absurd excuse "to protect her"? Now, the home minister should also try to protect the two bloggers and Utusan editor.As long as Gerakan, MCA and MIC are beholden to Umno, there is no way BN is going to retake Penang. With all the such low mentality of the leaders who can't see beyond race and religion, it will take a miracle for Penangites to switch from DAP to BN. Right now, the BN leaders can carry on with their wishful thinking. Trap? This is the most ridiculous excuse of being completely dumb. It was Utusan that wrote the news. Not other newspapers. Utusan has been here long enough to understand the ethics of journalism if they are serious about being a respectable newspaper company.Now Utusan has reduced itself to a mere Umno daily newsletter. Umno dares not to do anything to Utusan, or else falling newspaper sales means falling income for the party.
 So who 'forced' Utusan to publish it without due journalistic verification? Did DAP or the churches force Utusan? Did they force Pembela and Perkasa to make the stupid protests? Did they force Hishammuddin to make his stupid statements?Give me a break - just call a spade a spade. Umno needed to distract the populace from the price increase of sugar, petrol and is playing with fire trying to create bogeymen. Two weeks ago it was the Chinese (also an Utusan editorial) and now Christians.Remember Najib's response over the editorial, "It's the editor's personal opinion." Garbage. Umno is full of it and it is turning Malaysia into a landfill. Utusan created a big fuss out of unsubstantiated accusations to create religious fires. Keep trying - from cow-head stomping, pig's heads thrown into mosque, church and surau burning to the latest, the Christian-state conspiracy.We won't bother as the failure of the Umno-led government has caused prices of essentials such as food and petrol skyrocketing. Malaysians are too busy to make ends meet to react to such nonsensical antics of Umno. Was Shaik Hussein trying to say that Umno is so dumb that it fell into its 'own' trap? Or rather a trap set up by bloggers Big Dog and Marahku?

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