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my fertility preservation choice to freeze embryos with donor sperm,

Sex is a physical activity, as we already know. Therefore, getting in shape, being fit and having a fabulous body will definitely improve your sex-life. Not only this, working out regularly will help increase your stamina and strength to perform.

People who regularly exercise are more healthier, fitter and tend to have more attractive bodies. This should be enough motivation for folks who think that their weight is normal and hence, do not need to exercise. If the prospects of better health doesn't motivate you, perhaps exercising for the sake of better sex might. Here are some exercises that will help you to enhance your prowess in bed:

Push-ups are great for obvious reasons. They help to strengthen the arms, shoulders and stomach muscles. Sporting a paunch might be a major turn off for quite a lot of people. Having firm, sexy abs is very attractive physical attribute. Having strong abs is very useful for males especially when it comes to the man-on-top position.

Doing squats, a lot of muscles are put to work producing greater amount of hormones, which in turn will boost your sex drive. They improve one's strength and stamina of gluteus muscles and the upper legs thereby helping to improve one's performance. Doing squats also helps one achieve a firm and attractive bottom.

Bench press:
Doing bench presses, helps to strengthen the chest and shoulder muscles. Women find chest muscles sexually appealing and it will help men to support themselves longer without getting exhausted easily. As for women, doing bench presses will make the breasts firm and seem full.

Whether it is doing aerobics, running or swimming, doing cardio-vascular exercises help increase blood circulation in the body. Having a good blood flow and circulation helps in the process of arousal, which is especially essential for men performance-wise. Also, doing cardio helps release of endorphins in the brain, which are known as the happy hormones.

Kegel's exercise:
Last but not the least, Doing Kegel's exercise can help make a remarkable difference in your sex life. Pubococcygeal muscles also known as PC muscles are the muscles used to stop urinating midstream. That's because, for men, regularly doing Kegel's exercises will help them to control the muscles that contract during ejaculation and therefore prolong ejaculation. As for women, doing Kegel's exercises will help you gain gain control over the vaginal muscles, thereby getting greater sexual satisfaction.

Inevitably when I discuss my fertility preservation choice to freeze embryos with donor sperm, I am asked, "Did you get to see his photo?" I respond the same way every time: "Only a baby photo, and I would never want to see a current photo of my donor."

The fertility industry, in particular the sperm banks who sell donor sperm, hold varying opinions about the ethics involved in posting current photos of sperm donors. I am vehemently against it as a practice. A CNN article published last friday about a new Google app that would recognize people's faces reiterates my position that using current photos of sperm donors is a dangerous practice in today's high-tech world.

Google mentions they are proceeding cautiously with the privacy issues related to this app, but they also cite the example that actors in Los Angeles want everyone to recognize them as their best business case for creating the app.

Of course, it always comes down to Hollywood.

Interestingly enough, the California Cryobank uses celebrity look-alike photos instead of current photos to give prospective clients some idea of what their sperm donors "look" like. The company cautions that just because one of the look-alike photos of your sperm donor is Brad Pitt, it doesn't mean you are going to produce offspring that looks like Brad Pitt. DNA is a little more complicated than that.

In my case, my sperm donor had the eyes and lips of Freddie Prinze Jr, but not his eyebrows. He also had the physique of a young Oscar De La Hoya. But overall he looked the most like an all-grown up Christopher Knight -- yes, Peter from "The Brady Bunch."

I certainly have never approached dating by trying to find a man who looks like Joey Lawrence or Jake Gyllenhall, my favorite celebrity crushes, but I do recognize that I am naturally drawn to athletic physiques, full lips, dark hair or sans hair and Mediterranean skin tones. I could easily marry someone with blond hair and blue eyes, but when I was diagnosed with cancer and had just five days to pick a sperm donor, I went with the "type" I most frequently revisited when dating.

Mind you, I did not start with a celebrity look-alike search. Instead, I started with a catalogue of statistics. I narrowed down 300 donors to 30 by eliminating anyone who was of an ethnicity that did not fit my aesthetic "type" and anyone who did not have all the donor information pieces available: short and long-profile with multi-generational health history, handwritten donor essay, audio interview, personality profile, baby photo and staff impressions, to name a few available through the California Cryobank.

By the time I selected my donor, I was in love with his DNA. His DNA, not what his eyes look like when he's holding back emotion or how his hair fell across his forehead or how his smile makes him look like he's up to something. I didn't fall in love with what his butt looked like in a baseball uniform or how hard I laughed every time he tried to dance. I didn't fall in love because he made me feel safe, beautiful and inspired. I didn't feel anything but hope. Hope for the child that his DNA would help me create.

Seeing a current photo of him would create a false intimacy between us that I did not want. It would humanize his DNA too much for me. I think women less sane than I might not be able to walk down the street without looking for him if they saw a photo. I didn't pick him; I picked his genetic goods, and that is the key distinction in selecting a sperm donor. Using current photos could blur the lines between choosing genetics and choosing a person.

Imagine that I did see his photo and my child is five years old or 16 years old or about to get married. If I chose the person and not the genetics, I likely would want to locate him, introduce him to "our" child and even invite him to the wedding. But he wanted to be anonymous. Nevertheless, I can't get the image of his face out of my mind and wonder what it would be like for him to watch "our" daughter walk down the aisle.

If I had that one photo of him, I'd be able to locate him in a millisecond on my mobile phone using the Google app. Granted, you will have to opt-in to the service to allow the app to recognize your face in any photo. But, if a sperm donor wants to be anonymous and there is a photo of him on the cryobank website, he could be found immediately, even though the sperm bank promised him anonymity.

You see, sperm banks aren't in a position to keep promises of privacy if they share current photos with technology like this Google one on the horizon. We can't hinder technological progress, because certain industries require higher standards and restrictions to protect privacy. But industry can adjust to technology and protect those who gave up their rights to parent children created from their DNA so that people like me could actualize their dreams of motherhood.

“Mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes, so that you might come to know each other. The noblest of you in God’s sight is the one who fears God most. God is all knowing and all-aware” (49:13). If you survey nearly all Muslim communities across the U.S., you’ll discover almost as many languages as there are countries in the world. A convert who is new to the American Muslim community will be both astonished and excited by the variety in garb, customs, cuisines and ethnicities that American Muslims have to offer.
While this diversity brings a sense of pride - one realizes how Islam sweeps across such a broad spectrum of people to touch their hearts and unify them under its umbrella - a new member of the community will also be exposed to disputes and cross cultural misunderstandings that inevitably accompany such diversity. The mix of one faith and multiple cultures confined within one community gives rise to a plethora of problems and concerns. This, of course, is not unique to the American Muslim community, as examples can be found wherever immigrants who share one religion but carry different cultural traditions intermingle and form a community.

Growing up almost everyone daydreams of his or her future spouse, envisioning an intelligent, charming, and attractive person who shares one’s values and interests. We almost always assign our dream spouse, consciously or accidentally, a particular race and/or nationality, and it is usually our own. I ask is there anything really wrong with this practice?

I myself remember fantasizing as an adolescent about my future spouse. As a white man, whenever I visualized my future wife, I thought of her as someone with whom I could be completely candid, someone whose spiritual and intellectual ambitions would align perfectly with mine, and someone with a beautiful smile and dark hair.

She would also be white.

White, not because I have or have had some sort of racial superiority complex or distaste for inter-racial relationships, both of which couldn’t be farther from the truth, but because my mind designed what was most familiar to me. Now if I had been asked would I marry an Indian, African American or Asian woman, I would replied without hesitation, “Sure, why not?”

The American Muslim community, while incredibly diverse, has firmly planted one foot in the United States and maintained one overseas. Muslim immigrants and their children, to a lesser degree, retain their ties to the cultural traditions in their native land, and, as a result, tend to seek out fellow American Muslims whose ethnic or cultural identity matches their own. In suburban Detroit for example, there is a Mosque for almost every community--Bosnian, Egyptian, Iraqi and Pakistani houses of worship dot the neighborhoods. Even in my Flint, MI community, which boasts a well integrated Muslim population, intra-racial marriages are the overwhelming norm, not because racism lurks beneath the surface, but because people instinctively gravitate towards likeminded people.

As Sura 49:13 in the Quran suggests, God has created us such that we organize ourselves into “peoples and tribes.” This is not to say that we must isolate ourselves within our racial or ethnic groups, but rather implies that the desire to pair ourselves with spouses of the same ethnic background should not automatically be stamped as motivated by prejudice. While statements such as, “I would never marry a non-Desi” or “I would never marry an Arab” permeate the Muslim community, are they truly evidence of poorly concealed racism, or are they simply a reflection of our tendency to prefer the similar over the dissimilar? Statements which express a person’s desire that his or her future spouse should be intelligent, pious, beautiful, or of a particular racial background are all current perceptions of and preferences for one’s life partner, not value judgments that dismiss all others as unworthy.

As Muslims cultivate deeper roots in American society and as their foothold overseas slips a little, blurring the ethnic and cultural lines of demarcation, the American Muslim identity will slowly shift away from the cultures of our ancestors, and morph into a fully developed, mature “American" identity. We are already witnessing this transition; young American Muslims are marrying across racial lines in much larger numbers than their parents’ generation. Among my friends alone, I can count almost every combination, White-Black, Malaysian-Arab, and Egyptian-Pakistani to name a few. As for me, while I visualized my wife in a certain way, the image was never out of prejudice or exclusivity. I am white and my fiancĂ© is Egyptian, but having been raised in the United States, we both identify ourselves as belonging to the same nation and tribe—American.

This young POA referred to as a nympho and a homewrecker in Italian tabloids isNoemi Letizia, the reported "girlfriend" of the 72 year-old Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Just look at that tight 18 year-old ass on that girl, Silvio Berlusconi is basically a super rich Italian version of Bill Clinton but with a good taste for women. And after looking at Noemi in a bikini I must ask, why isn't Silvio Berlusconi Prime Minister of the world already? If Silvio take care of the people's interest half as good as he take care of himself he would be the greatest world PM ever! The first and the best ever...LOL. Anyway, Noemi is also the 18 year-old accused of being at the heart of Silvio Berlusconi's divorce from 52 year-old Veronica Lario, after 20 years of marriage.

After looking at the ages and doing the math, she should have seen this coming. It is obvious the dude as a thing for younger ass and not middle age ones. And I am sure Noemi Letizia is not his first mistress during their 20 years of marriage, there were probably 40 more before Noemi. She is no idiot, she knew what was happening. It's like lady, what the hell you expect when you marry a Italian billionaire playboy with a thing for models? Veronica is now saying she is fed up with Berlusconi's constant betrayals and deceit over 20 years of their marriage. So I guess she wanted to teach an old dog new tricks like monogamy at 72 years-old. The funny thing is that she was probably having an affair with him 25 years ago as the younger woman when he was with his first wife so what goes around come around.

But lets get back to the young fit lady of the hour. Noemi Letizia is the one that got Berlusconi in trouble for attending her 18th birthday party, I think we all know why. But he stated that the girl was merely the daughter of his friend and added: "I have never entertained relations with minors." The billionaire PM has been the focus of scandal after scandal since he attended the 18th birthday party of the aspiring lingerie model in April at which he gave her a $10,000 necklace. A prostitute has also claimed she spent a night at his Rome residence last November, which he denies. I am sure she did but Berlusconi probably had so many woman there he had no clue who she was or paid much attention to her. But, I don't get the big idea of the controversy surrounding Silvio and Noemi, she is his "goomah." What is the big deal? Here she is in a bikini in front of his summer residence in Sardinia having a great time. The paparazzi basically live in front of Silvio's homes so she knew she would be spotted on a yacht a few hundred yards from the Italian PM's Sardinian villa. The girl is loving all the attention. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the wife:


Noemi Letizia (born April 29, 1991 in Naples, Italy) is an Italian lingerie model. She has been romantically link to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the Italian press. Silvio Berlusconi wife, Veronica Lario, reportedly filed for divorce after he attended Noemi Letizia 18th birthday party and gave the teenage model a diamond necklace.

Silvio Berlusconi (born September 29, 1936 in Milan, Italy) is an Italian politician, entrepreneur, real estate and insurance tycoon, bank and media proprietor and sports team owner. He is the second longest-serving Prime Minister of the Italian Republic (President of the Council of Ministers of Italy), a position he has held on three separate occasions: from 1994 to 1995, from 2001 to 2006 and currently since 2008. He is the leader of the People of Freedom political movement, a center-rightparty he founded in 2009, merging Forza Italia, his own party, with Alleanza Nazionale of Gianfranco Fini. His party's victory in the 2008 general elections paved the way for a third mandate in office. As of January 2009, he is the senior G8 leader, the longest-serving current leader of a G8 country.

Berlusconi is the founder and major shareholder of Fininvest, one of the country's ten largest privately owned companies, which currently operates in media and finance. Its portfolio includes three (out of seven) national analogue television channels, various digital television channels, as well as some of the larger-circulation news magazines. Together these account for nearly half the Italian market. He is the owner of the Italian football club A.C. Milan. Under his lead, the club has won a number of national and international trophies. With Ennio Doris he founded Mediolanum SpA, one of Italy's biggest banking and insurance groups. Berlusconi, together with the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, is the main shareholder of Mediaset, a publicly traded company. According to Forbes magazine, Berlusconi is Italy's third richest person, with personal assets worth $9.4 billion (USD) in 2008, preceded only by Michele Ferrero and Leonardo del

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