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Kim Kardashian took inspiration from Saiful Bukhari Azlan both donates their butt to museum for posteriority's sake

Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian (born October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.) is an American television and social media personality, fashion designer, model, and actress. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kardashian came to prominence after a sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007. In the same year, she and her family were commissioned to star in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Its success has led to the creation of spin-offs including Kourtney and Kim Take New York and Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. In 2010, Kardashian was named the highest-paid reality television personality, with estimated earnings of $6 million.

American TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, reported to have the most celebrated derriere in recent history, has donated her prized cheeky assets to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, Mocktale has learnt. Kim, who recently took the world by storm with her photo of balancing a champagne glass on her butt and almost 'broke the internet', said the shoot was arse for arse's sake.

"Now your everyday,  Saiful Bukhari  can just be blogging and posting his own street style arse hole . So, it's really fun, I do a lot of investigating," quoted her as saying.

The father of Saiful Bukhari Azlan publicly admitted today that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s second sodomy charge was an “evil political conspiracy” involving his son
In a heavily-guarded press conference here, the 60-year-old Azlan Mohd Lazim alleged that the conspiracy was planned by a special officer in the Prime Minister’s Department and was engineered to tarnish Anwar’s image with another sodomy charge, the opposition leader’s second since he lost his post in government in 1998.
Azlan, who was not with his son at the press conference called by PKR’s Johari Abdul, apologised to Anwar and his family over the incident, admitting the episode had put them through much pain and suffering.
“It was a political conspiracy to charge Anwar for the second time. I apologise to Anwar and his family,” he said.
“Everything was planned in great detail by a special officer in the PM’s Department,” he alleged. “Even the script I read during the press conference after Anwar’s sodomy acquittal last year was prepared by this officer.”
Azlan added that his sudden defence of Anwar today, five years after the latter was charged in court, comes after years of compiling information on the case, both during the sodomy trial and from details delivered to him from outside informers.
He said the truth was finally clear to him.
“My son himself has never explained the [sodomy] incident and the accusation to me... I was never called as a witness in the case.
“I was never called by any party to offer my statement as the father, from the start to the end of the trial,” he pointed out.
To a question, however, Azlan said he has no plans to urge his son to withdraw his appeal against Anwar and drop all charges, saying it was up to Mohd Saiful to make his own decision.
“It is up to my son to evaluate the situation and decide for himself.
“I do not want to comment on the court case (Court of Appeal) which is still ongoing... but what I revealed today is on voluntary basis,” he said.
Azlan also called on all Malaysians not to believe the “slander” against Anwar, urging more to rally behind the opposition leader.
On January 9 last year, the High Court acquitted and discharged Anwar of sodomising Mohd Saiful, 27, at a Desa Damansara condominium unit in Bukit Damansara here between 3.10pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.
Anwar, 65, was charged under section 377B of the Penal Code, which carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years and whipping upon conviction.
The former deputy prime minister was charged with sodomy and corruption in 1998 after he was sacked from the Cabinet and was later convicted and jailed for both offences.
He was freed in September 2004 and later resurrected his political career by winning back his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election in 2008, which had been held in the interim by his wife.
He had earlier led the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR), to a historic sweep of five states and 82 parliamentary seats in Election 2008.
Anwar’s acquittal last year was highly-publicised, drawing the attention of thousands of people who camped outside the High Court as judgment was delivered, as well as hundreds of international media and political observers.
The veteran politician, who had earlier sued Mohd Saiful for wrongfully accusing him of sodomy, later withdrew the suit, saying his reputation had been vindicated by the acquittal.
The actress also threatens to butt into Indian drawing rooms with talks of her participating in Big Boss 8. "She might end up acting in Bollywood just like Moony le-Aaoni. I am planning a movie starring Kim and Dabang Salman Khan, it will be called 'Kick The Ass'," said producer Matinee Masaledar. In fact, he's planning back-to-back release of its sequel 'Bees Arse Baad' too. 

Critics, however, slammed the actress for setting impossible body standards. "I am not finding it fanny. Young women are falling into a bottomless pit because of such show," said international rights activist Mahila Joywardane. The activist said she had data that increasing number of girls are going for butt-lift surgeries to buttress her claims. "Assli baat to yeh hai, she has resorted to Botox for buttocks," Joywardane said. 

Kim resorted to her arsenal to get out of the bummer, claiming the bulging behind to be her "girthright". "They are envious of my hip look. I have right over my body and I can blow it up to any lengths," the actress said. She admitted that her childhood desire was to be a Rear Admiral and make it big one day. "My ideas are both noble and novel. I wanted to preserve my dear derriere for posteriority's sake and have therefore donated it to MoMA," she said.
ere’s some news all you celebrity sex tape junkies will be happy about. Vivid Entertainment allegedly has more footage of Kim Kardashian having sex. Just in time for the premiere of Kim Kardashian's new "reality" show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Vivid Entertainment sent an email to all of the perverts on their mailing list on Friday which reads as follows:
"With the release of a best selling sex tape, a soon-to-be-released Playboy pictorial, countless public appearances and more press than someone who is famous for doing 'nothing', Kim Kardashian has another venture in the works...A reality TV show! Keeping Up With The Kardashian's is set to air on E! beginning October 14.

Keeping up with the Kardashians will follow the life and adventures of the 26-year old model, actress and entrepreneur along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe, half sisters Kendall and Kylie, mom Kris and stepfather Bruce. The show is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions with six episodes constituting the initial season.

While Vivid can't take all of the credit for Kim's success, we can let our fans (and Kim's) know that we're not finished with her sexy escapades on tape. New footage has emerged and will soon be making its way to Keep checking the site regularly and if you're not already a member, be sure to check out what you've been missing."

I think she is officially a pornstar now.

But what's the bottom line? "Despite being made the butt of jokes, the actress has used her buttocks to stay in the limelight by making an ass out of people. They are indeed hot cross buns," said renowned sociologist Spitfire Mouthall.
Here are 3 grandmas sounding very Italian-American while talking about Kim Kardashian and end up watching the Ray-J and Kim Kardashian sex tape. Resulting one of the funniest videos ever... Mary, Josie, and Teresa have lunch together every Wednesday. And they always talk about the funniest things, you can watch more videos of their conversations and have more laughs. 'The end is purple' old lady will win your heart and put you on the floor laughing.

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